My New Go-To: A Review of Zebra Pens

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Are Zebra Pens Any Good?

Like life and boxes of chocolates, you don’t always know what you’re going to get with a pen.

There are many sleek and stylish ones in the world, which is fabulous. Aesthetics always matter. But the most important thing is whether or not it comes through for you when you need it to.

Think of all the times you’ve been let down by a writing implement… You reach in your bag to find the ink all exploded. You borrow one off of someone else’s desk cause you just need it real quick, only the ink is out. Your aunt gave you a “nice one” for your birthday, but it takes so much pressure to get the ink working that it gives your hands cramps...

With so many options from crappie-free-marketing-swag to that-one-brand-that-one-famous-author-won’t-write-without that costs two full paychecks, how do you choose the right one next time?

Zebra pens seem to be trending up and possibly the best choice out there right now. So it’s worth exploring why. (And by the way, they don't know I'm writing this -- I don't know anyone at Zebra -- I'm just an adventurous consumer!)

They are safe, strong, reliable, fun- useable for crafts, art, business, everyday journaling, and beyond.

Plus, any line of pens with its own mascot has to be awesome, right? Let’s take a more in-depth look!

How Do Zebra Pens Feel To Write With?

Whether you’re a student taking notes all day or an executive who prefers to write old-school notes by hand, everyone deserves to have a pen that feels nice to the touch.

Any conversation about an amazing, stress-free pen simply must start with the Zebra bLen Gel Retractable Pen. There’s nothing else like it.

For starters, its internal system was specifically designed to eliminate the annoying shakes and rattles that can zap your concentration. The tip is brass-weighted for stabilization and ease of movement. It contains rapid-dry ink to minimize smearing. Lastly, its minimalist outward appearance fits unobtrusively into any lifestyle.

The other Zebra pens are nothing to sneeze at either.

The softness of all the different Zebra grips is above average and sure to please hands both large and small.

The writing experience is as smooth as warm butter gliding across the page, regardless of how thick or thin the point size.

Many of the pens are retractable, which can entertain and calm twitchy fingers better than fidget spinners. (Additionally, they can be a subtle, passive-aggressive tool for bothering any toxic coworkers you’re having trouble with. Just sayin’.)

What Is The Ink Like in Zebra Pens?

An admirable range of options here. All with their qualities as advertised.

Oil-based ink lasts a long time, it doesn’t really smear, and it doesn’t run out quickly.

Water-based gel ink is super gentle, comes in crazy hues (including glittery and metallic kinds!), and feels artsy.

Rapid-dry ink definitely dries quickly so it’s a treat for anyone left-handed, plus it has a smooth, easy feel.

Check-safe ink helps prevent check fraud because it can’t be washed off. So if you like to protect your money, it’s a fine choice. It’s also acid-free and archival quality, which can be useful for a bunch of other official projects and creations as well.

Zebra offers a delightful (if expected) variety of colors, with different shades available for different pens.

How Long Do Zebra Pens Last?

The longevity of the pen is probably a lifetime if you are kind to it. This brand is built for durability and versatility. They pride themselves on being the type of pen that makes an impressive professional statement. So yep- they're going to last.

The capacity of the ink cartridges, however, is a little bit of a different story. It is possible to get pens that boast the ability to sustain you through writing for seven years, but they are not as good as Zebra pens. Nor do they possess near the same variety and possibility.

If the lifespan of the pen is your focus, be sure to aid your aim by choosing a product that uses oil-based ink. That is your best bet for the greatest writing endurance.

What About Zebra Pencils?

They are a worthy counter-part to the Zebra pens. If you are looking for something erasable, you won’t go wrong reaching for one of these options.

Some styles have thick, nearly unbreakable lead. (How many times would that have made all the difference during a difficult, timed test when the stress made you press too hard and snap of the lead in your mechanical pencil?!)

Some designs will inspire or keep you giggling, including a mechanical pencil that looks just like the classic No. 2.

Even their erasers aren't too shabby.

Other pen alternatives that Zebra offers are highlighters and brush pens (a brush pen is similar to a marker - it has a felt tip shaped like a painter’s brush and can be used to paint, draw, write, etc).

What Else Should You Know About Zebra Pens?

Don’t be afraid to try a bunch of different products. Everything they offer has been thoughtfully created and does what they describe.

There are even two different types of stylus pens that work wonderfully and provide the comfort of minimizing germs and increasing handwriting control when dealing with touch screens.

Coolest of all? One of the stylus pens is telescoping, so it can easily retract down to a smaller carrying size. With it, you get extra-high-quality while losing very little space in return. Many people use these to sign or press the buttons when paying for groceries and the like, rather than using the ones attached to credit card machines.

Even if the product descriptions don’t draw you in, the whole Zebra website provides useful entertainment for folks that like pens in general. Referred to as their “spokesanimal” spinning clever advice and rallying creativity through rooted enlightenment, "Zen the Zebra" prances through every page and offers up fun morsels of wisdom to encourage you through any of the moments in which you might use Zebra pens.

The yoga-wielding, inspiration-sharing Zen celebrates all the potential each human has every time they pick up a pen. So grab one and create away!
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