Elon Musk’s Rocket Falcon-9 Will Hit the Moon In March.

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Jonathan McDowell, who is an Astrophysicist at Harvard Smithsonian Center, tweeted that the Falcon 9 Rocket will hit the moon on March 4.

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Falcon 9 was designed by the SpaceX company and took off in 2015 in orbit along with DSCOVR to send footage of Space.

DSCOVR is a Deep Space Climate Observatory that costs 340 million dollars to swim in Space via Falcon 9 rocket.

The SpaceX company was founded by Elon Musk with the vision of transforming lives from earth to Space.

It is a two-stage reusable rocket which means it can be used multiple times after returning back to the earth.

According to the BBC & USATODAY, It was not able to return to earth in the first stage due to lack of fuel and stayed in Space.

From then, its second stage left in deep space orbit and now it is going to crash in March Month of 2022.

Jonathan Also said that it is not a big deal and seems interesting. From this, we can assume that scientists learn from these types of tragedies and setbacks and do not give up.

SpaceX also tweeted that the Falcon 9 static fire test is complete and planned for February 2 for NROL-87 Mission.


The speed of this rocket is around 9173 km per hour, and it weighs about 4 tons which will hit the Darkside of the moon.

This crash will not be able to be observed by human eyes because the distance is so far from the earth.

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