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Maui's Beloved Banyan Tree Emerges from Wildfire Devastation with New Growth

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Amid the devastation caused by wildfires in Maui, a symbol of hope has emerged as the iconic 150-year-old banyan tree in Lahaina begins to sprout new green leaves. The massive cultural landmark, located on the courthouse square along Lahaina's Front Street, has been a cherished part of the community and a hub for tourists, festivals, and even wedding proposals.

This historic tree, belonging to the fig family, is known for its ability to develop accessory trunks from its roots, giving it the appearance of multiple trees and allowing it to spread out. With approximately 46 major trunks, it stands as the largest of its kind in the United States, towering over 60 feet tall.

The wildfires in Maui had a devastating impact on the town of Lahaina, destroying homes and businesses and displacing over half of its residents. The loss of landmarks and the scale of destruction left the community in search of hope amidst the ashes.

Chris Imonti, a landscaping business owner, shared how the banyan tree has long been an iconic figure in Lahaina, serving as a gathering place for residents and visitors alike. The sight of new leaves sprouting on the tree symbolizes hope and new beginnings for the community.
Photo byGetty/Chris Imonti

Imonti has been working closely with Hawaii's state arborist, Steve Nimz, and a team of volunteers to help preserve and rejuvenate the banyan tree. He reported that approximately 75% of the tree is showing new growth, a promising sign of recovery. However, the northeast corner of the tree, which endured the most heat during the wildfires, requires close monitoring.

During the fires, the soil surrounding the tree became extremely hot, hindering its ability to absorb water. To combat this, volunteers and local contractors have been applying more than 5,000 gallons of water daily to rehydrate the tree's roots.

Additionally, they've been using compost tea, an organic liquid compost nutrient, to stimulate root growth and improve soil stability.

Imonti emphasized the significance of the banyan tree as a symbol of hope and a point of reference for a community that has lost many landmarks. With most of Lahaina reduced to ashes, the tree stands as a compass for residents returning to the scorched grounds where their homes once stood.

While preserving the banyan tree and other historical trees in Lahaina is vital to the island's culture and identity, Imonti acknowledged that it may not be the top priority for many locals at this moment. Rebuilding lives and homes takes precedence, but he remains hopeful that the tree will continue to inspire and signify a positive path forward in Lahaina's long road to recovery.

The landscaper acknowledged that Lahaina needs a complete redesign, and recovery will take years. However, with time and healing, the banyan tree can serve as a beacon of resilience and a testament to the community's ability to rebuild and thrive once again.

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