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Autopsy Results Revealed for 68-Year-Old Victim in Brooklyn Dismemberment Case, 83-Year-Old Suspect Charged

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*Information reported by ABC7NY has been used as a source for this report.


ABC7NY has reported the autopsy results in the Brooklyn dismemberment case of Susan Leyden 68, at the hands of accused serial killer 83-Year-Old Harvey Marcelin have successfully revealed the cause of death. The New York City Medical Examiner's report states, Susan Leyden's cause of death is of ' Homicidal violence, including blunt force trauma to the head.'

Harvey Marcelin, a biological male who identifies as a woman, was arrested on March 4,2022, and charged with concealment of a human body. While executing a search warrant at the suspect's apartment, investigators found a decapitated human head, believed to be that of 68-year-old Susan Leyden. They also discovered electric saw blades, cleaning fluid, blood splattered bags along with other human body parts, also believed to belong to Susan Leyden. On Thursday, Marcelin, who was previously convicted of killing two of his girlfriends, was pronounced with a second-degree murder charge and additional charges following an indictment, according to the multiple publications.

Leyden’s dismembered torso was discovered inside of a bag in a shopping cart at the corner of Pennsylvania and Atlantic Avenues on March 3, 2022, blocks from Marcelin’s apartment. Days later, on March 7, 2022, authorities found a human leg also within the East New York, Brooklyn area, just blocks away from the suspects home located at 50 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez released a statement following the indictment: "Last week my office charged Harvey Marcelin with allegedly concealing the severed head of a woman in her home and discarding the victim’s torso in a bag on the street. Today, the grand jury indicted Harvey Marcelin for murder, and my office is committed to vigorously seeking justice. The facts of this horrific case are gruesome and unsettling, and my heart is with the victim’s family and friends.", according to WNBC.

Marcelin was previously convicted of murder in the 1960s and manslaughter in the 1980s. On April 18, 1963, she used a .32 caliber revolver to shoot his girlfriend, Jacqueline Bonds, in the hallway of their apartment building, according to court documents from 1972 state. Marcelin then ran into a bedroom where she subsequently shot her again. Court documents confess that after Bonds was shot for a second time in the bedroom, she then staggered out into the living room where she died. Roughly a month and a half prior to the murder, Bonds, who was with her mother, told Marcelin she did not want to be with him anymore. He pointed at Jacqueline and exclaimed, “I’ll get you!” the court documents state.

“When the jury couldn’t agree on imposing the death penalty, the judge in the case sentenced Marcelin to life in prison,” Court documents disclose. In May of 1984, Marcelin was released from prison on lifetime parole. A year-and-a-half later, Marcelin was accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend in Manhattan on November 2, 1985, discarding her body in a plastic bag near Central Park. She was found guilty of manslaughter and formally charge. Marcelin received a six-to-twelve-year prison sentence, “concurrent with the life sentence in the first murder,” multiple publication report.

Marcelin's parole requests over the next thirty years were repeatedly denied. “During one State Parole Board hearing in 1997, Marcelin admitted to having ‘problems’ with women, according to court records,”. Continuing, “Other boards rejected parole, citing Marcelin’s ‘attempt to place the blame’ on the victims.” Court papers state.

Harvey Marcelin was released on lifetime parole in August of 2019. Marcelin and her victim knew each other for two years.

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