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Suspect in MoMA Stabbings Gary Cabana, Arrested in Philadelphia After Being Deemed Arson Suspect in Hotel Fire

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NYPD securing crime area at Museum of Modern ArtAndrew Kelly / Reuters

*Information reported by NYPOST , NY1 have been used as a source for this report.

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NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said Tuesday, March 15, 2022, " The suspect has been taken into custody, and we are waiting extradition and the arrest warrants to bring him back to New York where he will be charge. "

Gary Cabana, 60, will be charged with second - degree assault for the stabbings as well as third degree assault for a previous incident in which he punched an employee, Chief Essig said. Cabana will also be charged with aggravated harassment for sending threats via email, Chief Essig continued, the Secret Service were involved in the matter when threats were made against former President Donald Trump. The Secret Service said that, for security reasons, it doesn’t discuss “the means and methods used to conduct our protective operations or matters of protective intelligence.”

Philadelphia authorities responded to a call about a fire Monday evening at a Best Western Hotel on Vine Street, which was declared to be arson, which led the Philadelphia Police Department to the MoMA suspect after a fire was reported at an area hotel. The Philadelphia police said the suspect associated with the arson was also a person of interest in the MoMA stabbing case in New York, who was found sleeping on a bench at a Greyhound bus station on Filbert Street early Tuesday morning.

In a blur of chaos that quickly caused fear and confusion at the Museum of Modern Art, when Gary Cabana attacked employees in a fit of rage, sparking other visitors to scramble for the exits in a state of panic. Authorities say Cabana became enraged shortly after arriving at MoMA to see a movie scheduled for Saturday afternoon, March 12, 2022. However, upon learning his membership had been revoked after two previous reports of disorderly conduct in recent days, thus denying him access into the museum, Cabana became extremely irate. The graphic video released by NYPD clearly shows the suspect hoping onto the reception desk quickly assessing his next move. The suspect then jumps off the desk and staggers into a wall as he watched the employees. The employees were scattering away from the suspect and gathering together in a bundle on the inner side of the curvature of the desk. As the attacker beings to approach, he points his knife at the employees and begins to lunge and jab the knife into each employee he saw. Cabana stabbed each employee multiple times as they scurried away, backing up under the desk to escape his attack.

One employee wearing a black opened hoodie jacket, with the hood on their head and a yellow shirt, ran out from under the desk in efforts to escape, yet was caught by the suspect and stabbed again multiple times. Eventually the employee was able to run away from the attacker and out of the museum's doors. Following the lead of the first escaping employee, and also with the help of another person who was on the outer side of the desk distracting the attacker, the wounded employees, one by one, mustered up the courage to run pass the attacker as he stabs each one, again, multiple times before they were able to exit out of the museum.

Police say a 24-year-old woman was stabbed twice in the lower back and once in the neck, while a 24-year-old man was stabbed once in the collarbone. Both victims were taken to the hospital, However, their injuries were considered non-life-threatening.

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