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Human Head Found in Home of 83-Year-Old Suspect Charged in Connect with Human Torso Discovered Last Week in Brooklyn

Kisha Walker
Forensics investigation

* Information reported by NYDailyNews was used as a source for this report.


Harvey Marceline, 83, who was found with a human head in his home at the time he was apprehended has been charged with concealment of a human corpse, in connection with the mysterious finding of a dismembered human female torso on Pennsylvania and Atlantic Avenues in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn on March 3,2022. The dismembered body part was found in a garbage bag placed inside of a two wheeled shopping cart on the corner of said location. Police investigators searching through surveillance camera footage discovered the person who left the cart at the location. Sources say, a woman who was later identified, located, and questioned, relinquished the identity of the suspect. The woman who was asked to discard the shopping cart which was left at the location just a short time before its discovery; seemed to be unaware of what she was asked to discard. However, it was made clear that the victim, the suspect, and the woman all knew each other. The identity of the 68-year-old victim has not been identified.

Monday, March 7,2022 a human leg severed at the knee was also found in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn just blocks away from where the human torso was found. At this time, the two cases remain unrelated from one another.

Marceline, taken into custody on Thursday, March 10, 2022, was released on parole in 2019 after serving a prison sentence in 1986 for manslaughter. He was also convicted of murder and served a prison sentence from 1963-1984, New York State inmate records show.

Sources say additional charges are expected to be filed.

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