A new study reveals that hippos can recognize each other’s voices

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Hippos are loud animals. Now scientists have found an explanation for why hippos make noisy sounds.

Hippos make all kinds of sounds, including honks, grunts, bellows, and squeals.

According to a new study, hippos can recognize each other’s voices.

According to research, hippos recognize individuals from their voices

BBC News wrote about the new study. Scientists found out that the honk sounds hippos make allow them to tell an unfamiliar hippo from a familiar one.

The research team also found out that hippos can recognize each other based on their voices. The ability supports the social relationships between the hippos.

According to the study, the honking sound can travel as far as 0.6 miles.

​Hippos spend up to 16 hours a day in rivers

Hippos are also known by the name “river horse”. They spend up to 16 hours per day submerged in rivers or lakes.

Hippos need to retreat underwater to keep themselves cool under the African sun. They can even walk underwater and hold their breath for five minutes.

Hippos seem to be hanging out in water most of the time. But the research showed that they still pay constant attention to their environment. The hippos immediately responded to the sounds of fellow hippos.

Their responses to unknown hippos were more aggressive than towards familiar hippos.

While hippos are not an endangered species, the population is in decline.

More research on hippos is necessary. The more we know about hippos, the better we can conserve these massive animals.

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