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A comedian claims to live in the smallest apartment in New York; even smaller than the one in the viral TikTok video

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According to New York Post, comedian Ron Ervin claims to live in the smallest apartment in New York City.

Ervin says his apartment is even smaller than the home of AJ Webber seen in a viral TikTok video.

Ervin’s and Webber’s apartments are the same size, 100 square feet, but Ervin claims his space is tighter than Webber’s.

The apartment has a small kitchen area but no toilet

Ervin’s Harlem apartment measures 20 feet by 6 feet. The long and narrow shape of the apartment might make it appear smaller than Webber’s apartment, which looked more rectangle-shaped in the viral TikTok video.

When Ervin has guests over, they spend time in the backyard.

The comedian points out that Webber has a queen-size mattress in his apartment. Ervin only has a single bed. Ervin jokes that if he had a queen-size mattress in his place, it would “crush him to death”.

Ervin shows off his micro-apartment in his TikTok video. He points out that he has no stove. The built-in hot plate of the apartment didn’t work, so Ervin replaced it with a $10 hot plate. He also has a grill he found in the hallway of the apartment building.

There is also a mini-fridge. The kitchen cabinets in the small kitchen area are better than Webber has. In Webber’s TikTok video, you could see that Webber didn’t even have kitchen cabinets, only a small shelf on top of a microwave oven.

Ervin points out that Webber’s apartment has an actual closet. The comedian only has a rolling clothes rack.

In his TikTok video, Ervin shows off a small computer station with a microphone for podcasting and streaming. The window of the apartment has a view of the backyard area.

As Webber’s apartment, Ervin’s apartment doesn’t have a toilet. The shared bathroom is in the hallway.

Ervin says that the micro-apartment works for him; there is less cleaning.

According to New York Post, Ervin pays $950 a month for his apartment.

Having the smallest apartment in New York is turning into a competition

It seems who has the smallest apartment in New York is turning into a competition.

In reality, neither Ervin nor Webber has the smallest apartment in New York City.

A YouTuber and real estate agent Erik Conover published a YouTube video about a 60-square-foot New York apartment.

I don’t know if that is the smallest apartment in New York, but it’s hard to imagine an apartment smaller than 60 square feet.

And with only 60 square feet of living space, the apartment seen in the YouTube video is smaller than the 100-square-foot apartments of Ervin and Webber.

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