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A college graduate lived in a 185-square-foot apartment in Los Angeles for seven months

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Big city, small apartment? Many young people moving to a big city need to settle for a small living space to save money.

Insider wrote about a college graduate who moved into a 185-square-foot apartment in Little Tokyo. She lived in the tiny flat for seven months.

Life in a micro-apartment

According to Insider, the college graduate moved to Los Angeles with only two suitcases and a box. So, the tiny apartment had enough storage space for her few belongings.

The fully furnished apartment came with a sofa bed. The resident often left the bed open, but there was not much space in the apartment then.

The apartment had a tiny kitchen. That was a drawback for the college graduate who loved cooking.

The bathroom sink was outside the bathroom. The bathroom of the apartment only had a standing shower and a toilet.

The shower looks quite stylish with stone flooring, though.

A Japanese style courtyard and a shared rooftop

The apartment building itself looks nice in the pictures on the Insider website. The building has a Japanese-style courtyard with lots of natural light and no roof.

There is also a shared rooftop with views of downtown Los Angeles.

While the LA apartment is small, I've seen introductions of New York apartments that are even smaller.

All in all, the apartment building looks pleasant. While the apartment itself would be too small for me, it could work for a young person moving to Los Angeles for the first time. It did work for the college graduate who lived there for seven months.

Could you live in a 185-square-foot apartment? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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