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The 60-square-foot apartment seen in a YouTube video might be the smallest home in New York City

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A YouTuber and real estate agent Erik Conover published a YouTube video about the potentially smallest studio apartment in New York City. The micro-apartment has only 60 square feet of living space.

In the video, a rental agent Cash Jordan introduces Conover to New York City micro-apartments.

When the apartments get smaller and smaller, you wonder how small a space one can live in

In the introduction of the video, Conover says he used to live in a 250-square-foot apartment in New York with his ex-girlfriend. Compared to the three flats seen in the video, 250 square feet is luxury. These apartments are tiny, and they only get smaller and smaller.

Erik Conover says in the video that these tiny homes could work for someone who moves to New York City for the first time. If you want to save money, you might have to settle for less living space.

But when Conover and Jordan enter the 60-square-foot apartment, you might wonder how little living space is too little.

The 60-square-foot apartment might be the smallest home in New York

The 60-square-foot apartment is on St. Mark’s Place. When Conover enters the closet-sized apartment, his reaction is revealing:

”This can’t be legal.”

The apartment is said to be pet-friendly. But you could only live with a tiny dog here.

The tiny room has a bunk bed without a bottom bunk. That helps save some space since you can place other furniture below the bed. There is also a storage loft. The room comes with a wall-mounted TV.

The apartment also has a fridge, a microwave oven, and a sink. The shared bathroom is in the hallway.

The fluorescent light of the room seems uninviting. With an alleyway view, you can only see bricks from the window.

Cash Jordan reveals in the video that the 60-square-foot apartments have a rent of $1,095 to $1,195 a month. So, there are more than one of the mini-homes available.

Could you live in a 60-square-foot apartment? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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