Tin foil can help keep your cat away from the Christmas tree

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Christmas is an exciting time for all family members, including cats. Maybe even too exciting, since many cats treat Christmas trees as their climbing posts.

A simple tin foil hack can help keep your furry friend away from the Christmas tree.

A cat owner spread tin foil beneath her Christmas tree

Good Morning America published a video about the clever tin foil hack. According to Good Morning America, cat owner Tora Rudy spread tin foil beneath her Christmas tree. Her cat kept messing with the tree.

The video shows a tree stand covered with tin foil. In the video, Rudy’s cat sticks around the Christmas tree. It looks like the cat would like to approach the tree, but the aluminum foil seems to be holding it back.

The cat touches the foil with its paw but doesn’t step on it. You can tell that the cat doesn’t like the tin foil.

Most cats don’t like the sound of tin foil and how it feels under their paws. That’s why spreading tin foil around a Christmas tree can help keep your cat away from the tree.

Christmas trees can be dangerous for cats

By protecting your Christmas tree from your pet, you protect your pet as well. If your cat gets to climb a tree, it could swallow needles. The needles of both natural and artificial trees are indigestible.

Have you tried the tin foil hack to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree? Do you have other ideas for how to prevent cats from climbing the tree? Please let me know in the comments.

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