Narwhal the "unicorn dog" with an extra tail on his forehead is now teaching the world that different is awesome

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Narwhal is a special dog. The beagle-mix puppy was born with an extra tail on his forehead.

Mac's Mission, a Jackson-based non-profit rescue helping homeless dogs with special needs, rescued Narwhal as a puppy. Narwhal got found abandoned in Missouri in late 2019.

Narwhal has an extra tail on his forehead

Narwhal got his name after the narwhal whale. Narwhals have tusks that look like unicorn horns.

The extra tail on Narwhal's forehead resembles a unicorn horn as well. Narwhal cannot wag it. The extra tail doesn't seem to bother Narwhal in any way, so the vets never removed it.

In 2019, when Narwhal got rescued, he was all over the internet. As a result, the little-known charity organization Mac's Mission gained publicity. That was good for them because more publicity helped them raise money for rescue dogs.
An update on Mac's Mission's Facebook page in November 2019.macthepitbull/Facebook

The owner of Mac's Mission adopted Narwhal

Rochelle Steffen, the founder of Mac's Mission, adopted Narwhal. Initially, the plan was to give the puppy for adoption. But the whole rescue fell in love with Narwhal and didn't want to let him go.

According to ABC News, Steffen was also concerned that Narwhal might get exploited. Mac's Mission received hundreds of adoption applications for Narwhal.

One of the applicants offered to pay $2 million for Narwhal. Mac's Mission also received negative comments about Narwhal and even death threats.

Narwhal got nominated with the "dog of the year" award

In December 2020, Fox News uploaded a YouTube video with an update on Narwhal. Steffen says in the video that Narwhal has become a spokesdog for Mac's Mission.
A post on Mac's Mission's Facebook page in December 2021; Narwhal has become a spokesdog for Mac's Mission.macthepitbull/Facebook

According to, Narwhal promotes the adoption of dogs with special needs. He also attends children's birthday parties and is training to become a therapy dog.

Narwhal got nominated as one of the "dogs of the year" in an annual ceremony in the 2020 CW special.

In September 2021, Mac's Mission posted an update on Narwhal's second birthday on their Facebook page.

According to the post, Narwhal loves playing with his two sisters and brother, spending time in his backyard, and going to events to meet people.
A post on Mac's Mission's Facebook page on Narwhal's second birthday in September 2021.macthepitbull/Facebook

Once abandoned, Narwhal, the unicorn dog, has found a loving home. On top of that, he's helping dogs and humans by teaching that different is magical.

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