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The hedgehog influencers Lionel and Lilo from Charleston, South Carolina, have over 150,000 followers on Instagram

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Lionel the hog relaxing on a unicorn pool float.lionelthehog/Instagram

Lionel and Lilo from Charleston, South Carolina, are hedgehog influencers. They have over 150,000 followers on Instagram.

Their owner Anna Mathias got her first hedgehog Lionel in 2015.

When Buzzfeed published a viral article about Lionel the hedgehog, he gained many Instagram followers fast.

Lionel and Lilo’s Instagram page is full of cute pictures of them. In many of the images, the hedgehogs are taking a bath. They also seem to enjoy relaxing on top of inflatable pool floats.

The spiky Instagram stars even promote hedgehog merchandise, such as t-shirts, for their fans.

According to an interview on Wayfair, Lionel the hedgehog's favorite activities include snuggling up in a blanket and "running around outside under the southern sun".

Hedgehogs as pets

Hedgehogs are not as well-known pets as cats and dogs or even guinea pigs. African pygmy hedgehogs are 5 to 8 inches long. They are mostly active at night and eat insects, such as mealworms and crickets.

African pygmy hedgehogs are not affectionate, but they can be tamed. Lionel and Lilo are proof of that. You can find many pictures on Instagram in which Lionel and Lilo's owner holds a cute little hedgehog in her hands. These fellows don't seem to mind handling at all!

When you look at the adorable pictures of Lionel and Lilo on Instagram, it's easy to understand why they have so many followers. Whether they pose in an ice cream cone, on the beach, or holding an egg, their spiky charm will make you smile every time.

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