People across history claim they have seen unicorns - Are the unicorn sightings real or fake?

Kirsty Kendall

The history of claimed unicorn sightings is a long one.

Unicorns have intrigued people's imaginations for thousands of years. The unicorn myth is an integral part of our culture.

We can hardly blame people who claim they have seen unicorns. After all, it is nice to believe that unicorns could be real.

Are these claimed unicorn sightings genuine, though? Is there any proof that even one person has seen a unicorn?

The fake unicorn skeleton

In 1663, a skeleton was found in a cave in Germany. A German scientist Otto von Guericke believed that the skeleton had belonged to a unicorn.

An excavation in 1872 revealed that the bones of the skeleton had belonged to various animals. Someone had reconstructed the bones to make a fake unicorn skeleton. For a long time, it was believed that Guericke was the one who reconstructed the "unicorn skeleton". However, recent research suggests that Guericke was not the one who reconstructed the skeleton.

The fake unicorn skeleton is on display in the Museum of Natural History in Magdeburg, Germany.
The fake unicorn skeleton in the Museum of Natural History in Magdeburg.dinosven/Twitter

Claimed unicorn sightings

So, the unicorn skeleton was fake. But the history of unicorn sightings doesn't end with the archeological finding. In 1991, an Austrian biologist Antal Festetics claimed he saw a unicorn. According to him, that happened in the Harz Mountains in Germany. That's where the "unicorn skeleton" was found as well.

In 2010, a shaky YouTube video with a white unicorn gained lots of attention. The claimed unicorn sighting took place in Don Valley, Canada.

The video looks fake to me. It would be nice to believe this is footage of a real unicorn. But based on the video, I'm not convinced yet. How about you?

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