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Take a Look Inside the Famous Can at the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN

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Did you know that you can take a close look at America’s most famous canned meat at the SPAM Museum? Here is why you’ll want to visit!

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Whether you like it, love it or are just curious about the world’s most famous meat in a can, SPAM is a famous name that has extended beyond food and pop culture. A cultural icon, this beloved flavor in a can has been around since 1937 and there have been different recipes for 44 different nations.  America’s love for SPAM is even celebrated with its own dedicated tourist attraction and your family can visit it in person in Austin, MN.

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What can I say about visiting SPAM in person? As a vegetarian, I have never actually had this spiciness in a can, but my husband is obsessed and visiting this meat-themed location has always been on his travel bucket list. We finally were able to make the stop a while back during some other travels and this is definitely a fun tourist attraction that didn’t disappoint.

What is the SPAM Museum?

With educational displays, fun photo ops and a gift shop that you won’t want to miss, this is a must see location for every lover of this well known meat, as well as for those who just love fun stops to make when they are out on the road. My teen and tween thought it was cool to learn more about this famed canned good, and it was an interesting way to learn more about its role in history and in world culture.

When you visit, not only will you learn more about the history of this flavor in a can, but you'll also learn more about the role it has played in American history and around the world. Did you know that SPAM has been a staple for American troops? There are also different recipes available from 44 different nations. Many of the exhibits are hands on and interactive, which are perfect ways to learn for your little SPAM fans.

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The SPAM Museum in Austin, MN is located at 101 3rd Avenue NE, Austin, MN 55912. Admission is free and hours do vary daily, so be sure to double check prior to your visit. For my Iowa friends making the road trip to the Mall of America, this free family attraction is a great stop along the way. With free admission, you can visit the museum independently, or guided tours are available for larger groups.

Want to check it out but not ready to visit in person? The SPAM® Museum provides free live virtual tours daily Monday through Friday at 2pm Central time and by appointment.

Want to try the latest flavors of SPAM or proclaim your love for all things SPAM with some spiffy new gear? Don't miss the SPAM gift shop for all things SPAM including the product itself, t-shirts, toys, novelty items and more.

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Due to current health conditions, SPAM® Museum visitors will be required to wear a mask upon entering the SPAM® Museum. There are some exceptions such as children under the age of 2 years old, or anyone who has trouble breathing, is incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

For more information on the SPAM Museum, visit Our visit to the SPAM Museum was pre-pandemic (which is why masks aren't shown), and certain restrictions and precautions may currently be applicable depending on when you visit.

Visit the SPAM website for more details.

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