Fong’s Makes a Fruit Loop Pizza and Breaks the Internet

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Image courtesy of Fong's Pizza via Facebook.

Pineapple, pickles, even pistachios. Pizza lovers have put thousands of unique combinations on their pizzas over the years. While pizza lovers have their debates over which combinations are good and which ones are bad, a recent addition to the Fong’s Pizza of Des Moines breakfast menu might have outdone everyone.

A new pizza first that has been called a “cereal killer” has set the web ablaze. What is the big controversy that has made pizza fans speak out from around the world? Fong’s has just introduced a Fruit Loops pizza.

Known as Loopy Fruits Pizza, Fong’s gets creative and adds the popular breakfast cereal along with a sweet cream cheese sauce. The pizza is topped with mozzarella cheese, condensed milk and Greek yogurt.

Fong’s Forest Avenue location in Des Moines Iowa made the announcement of this new breakfast menu option on February 23rd. Since then, this pandemic pizza announcement has brought Fong’s Pizza international attention. In the last couple of weeks everyone from Jimmy Fallon, CNN, Today, DiGiorno and more have voiced their opinions on the pizza.

Social media has been set ablaze by the new colorful menu item, and feedback online ranges from humor to horror. Die hard pizza lovers from New Yorkers to Italians have declared war on our corn fed state for merely introducing the concept, and thousands are wondering if the baked cereal atop the pizza is crunchy or chewy. Whether you think the new menu concept is good or bad, it is definitely making some buzz and free publicity for this Iowa based pizza maker.

While pizza fans have been caught up in the release of this pizza, the concept has actually been around for a while. Co-owner of Fong’s pizza Gwen Page revealed that Loopy Fruits Pizza has been on the Fong’s menu before at the Ankeny, Iowa location.

Making its debut about 5 or 6 years ago, this breakfast cereal combination was released then with less controversy. As the newer Forest Avenue location decided to launch into breakfast, the Fruit Loops pizza has brought in lots of attention from media, fans, foes and families.

Page admits that this cereal pizza celebrity may not be for everyone. However this new pie has created a buzz and some major publicity for this Iowa based food chain.

Fong’s Pizza is known far and wide for their unique and interesting pizza combination. When their first location was launched in a former Chinese restaurant, they adapted and created fusion cuisine that celebrated some of the best of both restaurant’s styles to maximize the appeal to customers. Fong’s Pizza combines flavors and inspiration from the Far East & the West to create a unique but delicious menu.

Unique and popular menu items include General Tso’s Pizza and Crab Rangoon pizza which have received international exposure on popular Food Network features. While their specialty is pizza, they also offer an amazing selection of handmade appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and gluten-friendly, vegetarian, & vegan selections.

Not sure about trying one of their unique fusion style pizzas? You can also create your own personal perfect pizza combination. The restaurant is also known for unique craft beers and tasty tiki drinks souvenir mugs.

Since their opening, Fong’s has expanded from their original downtown Des Moines location. They have opened additional hot spots in the Drake University neighborhood as well as Ankeny and Cedar Rapids.

Want to try this fruity breakfast pizza for yourself? This Loopy Fruit Pizza can be found at Fong’s Pizza Forest Avenue location located at 3018 Forest Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa.. It can be ordered Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is also available all day on Sunday.

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