North America’s largest day spa is a step closer to breaking ground in Forsyth County

Kimberly Bond

(Forsyth County, GA) A company planning to build a large hot springs and spa project near The Collection just cleared an important hurdle before construction can begin. During the January 5 meeting of the Forsyth County Commissioners, the Board approved Passport Experiences’ alternate design for the project.

Laura Semanson, District 5 Forsyth County Commissioner, explained that the approval will allow Passport Experiences to order the necessary materials and finalize their construction plans. Ultimately, it is a big step closer to the project breaking ground.

Semanson said that most of the variances had to do with project-specific requirements. The project will still blend harmoniously with the surrounding area thanks to elements like a wall around the property and exterior plans that echo the architecture of The Collection.
Despite the requested variances, the proposed exterior of Passport Springs & Spa harmonizes with the area's existing architecture.Photo byPassport Experiences

Scheduled to open in 2023, Passport Springs & Spa will be an immersive hot springs venue featuring the largest day spa in North America, the Passport Pool, and four exotic pavilions inspired by countries known for their hot springs: Costa Rica, Israel, Italy, and Japan. At each pavilion, visitors will experience the architecture, landscape, sights, sounds, and cuisines of the international destination that inspired it.
Unique design elements like this Japanese-style pagoda motivated Passport Experiences to request alternative design review.Photo byPassport Experiences

According to Passport Experiences CEO Jacob Bloch, the unique elements of the Passport Springs and Spa project made it necessary for them to pursue Forsyth County’s alternate design review process.

“Some of the exquisite architectural elements guests would expect at Passport do not abide by "one-size-fits-all" guidelines – especially with four country pavilion themes – hence why they were approved via an Alternate Design Review process,” explained Bloch.
Passport Experiences CEO praised the County for working with his team so they could stay creative when submitting their designs.Photo byPassport Experiences

“We are grateful for the support of Forsyth County’s commissioners and staff in allowing our design team to remain creative as they build this extraordinary venue,” he added.

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