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On the hunt for murals of North Carolina Musicians - Randy Travis

Kim McKinney
Photo by Kim McKimney

I was driving down Highway 74 towards Marshville, NC, and realized I was moving into Randy Travis territory.

I’d first found out about Randy Travis when I took that Highway 74 route often and saw the “Welcome to Marshville, Home of Randy Travis and Country Life” signs. (That reference has since been removed from the signs.)

I’m the curious type and went home and looked him up.

Not a big fan of country music back then, I’d never heard of him. While his old-time twang still isn’t my favorite, it certainly was the favorite of many. He has won many awards for his work.

I couldn’t resist the story of his personal life, though. It had ups and downs and twists and bends and was the story of many people Southerners know. Still his was something special, with country music success that few ever find. It was often a sad story, but also a great tale of resiliency and hanging in there no matter how bad things get.

Over the years I have thought of him as I drove through Marshville (along with my college buddy James who was raised there and the other claim to fame of Marshville being a place where the movie “The Color Purple” was filmed).
Photo by Kim McKinney

I found out about the NC Musicians Mural project while driving through Wadesboro one day and becoming entranced with the Blind Boy Fuller mural, which was under construction (it has since been completed).

When I found the Blind Boy Fuller mural I just sat in my car and stared for a while. It’s a beautiful piece of art. I went home and researched him and listened to some of his music.

I decided then I would get on the trail and find all of them. It’s a fun little scavenger hunt that I am sure will keep me entertained for a while.

But back to Randy Travis. The mural right on Highway 74 in Marshville, is so easy to miss if you’re simply driving by. But don’t miss it. Like the Blind Boy Fuller mural, it’s beautifully done. Pull into the parking lot and give it a look.

You may want to create a Randy Travis playlist before you get there. Even believing I don’t like his old time country (and sometimes gospel) sound, I will admit I had to play some music when I got home and enjoyed it,

Scott Nurkin, of The Mural Shop, is the artist behind these murals. He’s a musician himself and his reverence for his subjects comes through.

You can find the Randy Travis mural at 6603 E. Marshvilke Rd. (Hwy 74).

The Blind Boy Fuller mural is located in downtown Wadesboro on North Green St.

I’ll be seeking out more of the murals in days to come and I’ll share them here.

If you have seen some of these murals, free to let me know your favorites in the comments section, along with your good memories about some of these NC musicians. Which of your favorites should be depicted in the series next?

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