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A Late Lunch at Oliver’s Hometown Restaurant & Bar in Wadesboro

Kim McKinney

Spinach SaladPhoto by Kim McKinney

I was driving home from the beach, trying to go through as many small towns as possible. I started to get a bit hungry. I didn't want to stop for fast food. I wanted to enjoy the drive and extend the vacation.

It was about 2:30, a time when many local restaurants have closed lunch service. I turned a corner and there was Oliver’s Hometown Restaurant & Bar. Though the website said it was open only until 2, the sign said open so I ventured inside. A look at their Facebook page shows the hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. I’d go with that, since they showed no sign of closing when I was there (Facebook hours show open from Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

I dined in, but they also seemed to do a healthy business with curbside pickups. Park right outside the restaurant and they'll bring your "to go" orders to you.

It’s a bright and comfortable place filled with black wrought iron chandeliers and local art work.

The young woman who was my server was friendly, kind, and efficient. I couldn't have asked for better. Sometimes you feel forgotten when you visit a restaurant during "off peak" hours. That certainly was not the case here.

It is a relaxing spot to enjoy a break by yourself, a business meal or a drink, or time with friends and family.

I chose the spinach salad (without the red onion - see above). It was unique in that it boasted cheese curds as an ingredient. I was curious, and was not disappointed. Served with hot bacon dressing on the side, it was a fresh and flavorful combination.

Banana PuddingPhoto by Kim McKinney

Just for you, I checked out the desserts. That day they had several kinds of bread puddings, banana pudding, and chocolate chip cheese cheesecake (I did not take notes, so expect I left out something).

I chose the banana pudding and was surprised to see what a generous serving I received. I ate half and took home the rest. It was a good combination of flavors, creamy, and a great ending to my meal. I suspect you can't go wrong with any of the desserts. I suggest you get several and share. (That is almost always my advice when desserts are concerned.)

The regular menu is varied and they offer lunch and dinner specials, too. You can find these on their Facebook page. They also have bar service available.

This was a nice, relaxing stop on my road trip. I'm glad I didn't speed on through the town.

Look for Oliver's Hometown Restaurant & Bar when you're in the area. It's located at 121 East Wade St. in Wadesboro. I plan to make my way there again next time I'm in the neighborhood. It's a welcoming kind of place.

Have you been to Oliver's? Share your favorite dishes in the comments.

Around the block from Oliver'sPhoto by Kim McKinney

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