Roddy Ricch Ditches Social Media After Backlash


The internet is a wild place to grow in. Roddy Ricch learned that last night after he posted a snippet of his new music to his social media channels. Twitter was quick to let him know they were not feeling it and heavily flooded his hashtag #RoddyRicch with hate. He quickly deletes both Twitter and Instagram, and fans are safe to assume he's hiding, working on his next project, and fixing the sound he's creating.

Roddy Ricch posted a video to his Twitter @RoddyRicch, and, though he hoped for the best, he received the absolute worst. Twitter users were quick to address his music and, the temperature in Croatia rose too far for the budding rapper, he took it really personally. He deleted all social medias and posted a scathing, yet ominous, message before leaving us with more questions than answers. Read what some Twitter users had to say below:

He also received support from fans!
Roddy Ricch deletes his social mediaDFree /

Roddy Ricch has produced amazing pieces of work, like Feed The Streets, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial and a DJ Mustard joint album. He's loved in the streets and I hope he knows that we are all rooting for him and want him to succeed. Come back to us soon Roddy . Bring hor d'oeuvres next time you come since you left us like that.

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