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Growing Up With a Gangster Father


Growing up with a gangster father can be both exciting and terrifying. It’s exciting because you get to see the man you love doing amazing things every day, and it’s terrifying because of all the dangers that he must face on his path to success. Many children of gangsters don’t have the same upbringing I did, but what most of them do have in common is that they grow up feeling unsure about their futures.

I’m blessed to have come from humble beginnings and lived my early life with little worries. I didn’t have fancy clothes or any of that stuff, but there was always food on my plate and shelter over my head. What I didn’t know as a child was that these things weren’t always given out of love—they were provided by my father through illegal means.
My Father a notorious gang leaderDarneisha Harrington

I was born into an environment of gangsters, killers and drug dealers. My father’s side of my family were part of one of New York’s oldest Blood Gang families. My mother’s side were some of Brooklyn’s top Columbian Drug Lords. I couldn’t be so privileged as to choose where I was born, but despite being born into crime, God still had different plans for me.

When I was younger, my father got into some trouble with gangs. Some of those guys were big. He ended up going to jail for shooting someone, and I didn’t see him for years. He came back when I was in high school and told me that he had changed his ways.

My dad’s not really what you would call a businessman. He was the lead of South South Carolina's most notorious street gang. In fact, he’s been locked up for most of my life. He used to be one of New York City’s biggest drug dealers. He was also affiliated with one of New York City’s biggest gangs, and his rise to power came at great cost: Prison and losing time with his family.

Duck and cover - If there was ever gunfire in our neighborhood, we knew what to do. We'd all just sort of squat down low and look around to see where it came from. Usually, everyone survived, because shooting is not that accurate. Hide - There were lots of gunshots in my neighborhood when I was growing up, but it never really got serious until one day when I was 12 or 13 years old.

I was just six years old when I witnessed my father shoot another man three times in cold blood. As he stood over his victim, he paused and gazed into my eyes—the eyes of his eldest son, heir to his empire—and then put a bullet between the man’s eyes. That was where it began: on that street corner outside our house, with tears streaming down my face as I watched one man kill another right before me.

I have been trained by my father, a well-known gangster. He has helped me with anything and everything you can imagine since I was born. I enjoy sharing my life and experiences with people that are interested in learning from someone who grew up with a gangster father. The choices I’ve made so far in my life were influenced by growing up with such an amazing man, who just happens to be very dangerous at times. After school my neighbors would tell their kids if they saw me go down one street not to follow because there would be shootings; but if they saw someone else go down another street, then follow behind because we were safe (or at least had a chance at safety). The fact is, people love drama and know what to expect from someone who grew up surrounded by gangsters. No matter what issue or conflict an entertainer may be dealing with I can almost guarantee you that said entertainer has dealt with similar problems before. Celebrities need to look good when they step out. Whether it’s for a red carpet event or just strolling around in Hollywood, famous people always have their outfit on point. But what happens when celebrities run into trouble trying to get that perfect look? This is where I come in. Growing up as one of five children and having a gangster father has its ups and downs, but I learned quite a few things that can be applied to our daily lives

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