Relying On A "Good Guy With A Gun" Is a Terrible Policy [Opinion]

Kevin Alexander

Can we drop the sweaty “good guy with a gun” fantasy already?
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It clearly didn’t work in Uvalde, where unspeakable horror was met with cowardice.

“One of the students from the other classroom was yelling, ‘Officer we’re in here. We’re in here,’” he continued.
“But they had already left. Then he [the killer] got up from behind my desk and he went over there and he began shooting again.”

Imagine being a teacher and having your entire classroom executed while watching a movie.

Now imagine the police arrive…and do nothing.

Meanwhile, we have legislators performing incredible gymnastics to rationalize the war zone our nation has become.

But sure: less doors and even more firearms are just what we need (not).


Less doors is a particularly ludicrous solution. So we should seal them up? What happens in a fire? How about any other need for a quick evacuation?

The logical answer, of course, is more doors-and/or the ability to open/unlock them all at once. That technology already exists. Many schools already have a system in place- if you've been in a school for a basketball game on the weekend or after hours, you may have already experienced this for yourself. Other secure facilities such as airport terminals have similar system for emergency use.

A solution like this is much easier-and cheaper- to implement. We can put it into practice while working through the thornier issues of gun control/assault weapon bans/red flag laws.

This is the sort of solution likely also garner widespread support; regardless of how one feels about guns, I believe we can all agree that keeping our nation's children safe is priority one. The rest is just details.

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