Wyoming’s Recent Primary Debate Is a Sign of Bad Things To Come (Opinion)

Kevin Alexander

The descent into crazy is close to terminal velocity

Rioters inside the US capitol on January 6th, 2021Win McNamee/Getty Images

In April of last year, Liz Cheney showed us all that was wrong with the G.O.P. in one tweet.

I wrote about it, and how strange it was that Cheney (of all people!) was now the adult in the room — we were truly through the looking glass.

And yet I thought that cooler/more rational heads would somehow prevail. That the fever sweeping the Republican ranks would break, and a semblance of normal would return.

How silly of me.

Fourteen-ish months later, it’s clear that if anything, we’ve gone further into a rapid descent.

Each session of the January 6th hearings delivers more and more testimony of a party hell-bent on staying in power, Constitution/will of the people be damned.

Same story with SCOTUS taking a blow torch to established law.

If neither of those was enough, take a look at the recent Republican primary debate held in Cheney's home state of Wyoming.

It’s a masterclass in pandering to one’s base, trying to “out Q” your opponent, and the corrosive influence of social media.

Cheney — someone who voted with Trump over 90% of the time, remember — looks positively august compared to her opponents.

  • “January 6th was a setup”
  • “Fauci is one of the most corrupt individuals in Washington D.C.”
  • “I understand when I talked to Mike Lindell…”
  • “We know for a fact that all the major internets do that”
  • “Ukraine is corrupt. We started it.”

No, it’s not satire. It’s reality. Wyoming’s reality. Our reality. And while I certainly appreciate Cheney stating “we gotta elect serious leaders,” I’m not seeing it happening right now.

Perhaps this past few weeks will finally be the catalyst for real change, and I can come back to this to be happily corrected. We should be so lucky.

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