SC Was Named the Seventh “Unhappiest” State in America for 2023

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SC was named the seventh "unhappiest" state in America. Let's see why!Photo byGadiel Lazcano/Unsplash

South Carolina is known for a lot of great things. It has some of the most beautiful towns in America, it is one of the most affordable states to live in, award-winning eateries, gorgeous beaches, and some of the friendliest people you can meet. However, according to one study released by a major publication - SC is the seventh "unhappiest" state in the nation! For many people that live in or have visited "The Palmetto State", that may be a very hard thing to believe! In this article, we will talk about which publication released the study, why SC was ranked the seventh unhappiest state and other states that made the list as well.

Joy Organics released an article for its study named, "The Most Unhappy States in America". Although some of the states that made the list will not shock anyone - a few states that made the list may catch a few people by surprise! There are a lot of people out there wondering, "what makes a state unhappy"? Well, according to the study, they looked at a plethora of factors including "suicide rates, average hourly wage, the severity of depression and anxiety, number of primary care and mental health providers, adverse childhood experiences, and neighborhood amenities".

The top 10 "unhappiest" states are Oklahoma #10, Louisiana #9, Kentucky #8, South Carolina #7, Nevada #6, Arkansas #5, Arizona #4, Alabama #3, Virginia #2, and coming in at #1 none other than - Mississippi! According to the study, SC ranked in the bottom 11 states for the number of mental health providers, with 210 per 100,000 residents.

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