SC Was Named the Second “Grossest” State in America - Here's Why

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SC was named one of the "grossest" states in America.Photo byGera Kunlik/Unsplash

There are a lot of great things that the state of South Carolina is known for. It has some of the most picturesque towns in America, beautiful beaches, lots of history, and some of the friendliest people you could ever meet. However, according to one major national publication - "The Palmetto State" is also one of the "grossest" states in America. Not only are they one of the grossest states in America - they came in at #2 on the list! In this article, we will see which publication published the list, why SC was named one of the grossest states in America, as well as take a look at other states that made the list!

In August 2022, released an article titled, "The 10 Grossest States (And The Cleanest)". Of course, this list will ruffle the feathers of some people who live in those states, however, they felt that releasing this list that would encourage those states to do better! According to the publication, they determined who made the list based on "dirty air, trash or the percentage of each state that is landfill, and the spread of illnesses like the flu". To make things more interesting, they added in a few "cultural factors" such as which state uses the most recipes calling for "mayo" and how many people wear "crocs", using a Google search. Very interesting indeed!

According to the publication, the top 10 "grossest" states are New York coming at #10, Delaware coming in at #9, Georgia coming in at #8, Connecticut coming in at #7, New Jersey coming in at #6, Texas coming at #5, Pennsylvania coming at in at #4, North Carolina coming in at #3, South Carolina coming in at #2, and coming in at #1 none other than - Virginia! According to the article, SC came in at #2 based on the fact that the state has mediocre air quality in general and that SC has "more trash than most other states".

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