This Sandwich Was Named the “Best Sandwich in SC”

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This sandwich was named the Best Sandwich in South Carolina.The Daily Meal

South Carolina is well-known for having great southern cuisine. Rather you are in the mood for good BBQ, seafood, or even a great steak, there are a plethora of places in the state that has something to satisfy your taste buds. However, you might just be in the mood for something simple, like a sandwich. One national publication published an article titled, "The Best Sandwiches In Every State And Where To Find Them". In this article, we will take a look at which sandwich was crowned the best in the state of South Carolina as well as the best places to get them.

On November 3, 2022, published an article titled, "The Best Sandwiches In Every State And Where To Find Them". The publication methodically listed the most popular sandwich for each state, what the ingredients were, and two of the best eateries in each state to get the sandwich from. When it comes to South Carolina, the most popular sandwich in the state according to the publication is - a pulled pork sandwich with mustard sauce! The ingredients listed in the article for the classic sandwich are pork shoulder, BBQ rub, dijon mustard, brown sugar, white vinegar, liquid smoke, salt and pepper, and green cabbage.

According to, "Pulled pork is one of those foods that's beloved across the nation, with several of the best sandwiches in the United States featuring it". The article went on to say that what makes the sandwich in South Carolina stand out is the famous "mustard sauce", and that the two best places to get the delicious sandwich from are, "Southern Belly BBQ" in Columbia (Best Place) and "Poogan's Smokehouse" in Charleston (Runner-Up).

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