SC and NC Ranked High on This List for Their Food

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SC and NC both ranked high on this list for the best food in the U.S.Family Cookbook Project website

One of the biggest questions that any foodie has is, "which states have the best culinary scenes?". Although there is no cut-and-dry answer for that, one website was bold enough to answer the bell and attempt to answer that question. The website,, stepped up to the plate and ranked all 50 states from best to worst and then explained their reasoning for each ranking. We will be taking a look at where South Carolina and North Carolina ranked on the list, and let's just say they both had very strong showings. Let's first take a look at what's criteria were for their rankings.

"How does one quantify a happening culinary scene over a stale one? After all, everyone has their own palate and preferences. One person's deep-fried butter is another's filet mignon. But we're not here to mince words and stew over technicalities; we're here to make bold, piquant declarations of superiority when it comes to what's on tonight's menu." the website said.

"Is the West Coast the best coast when it comes to cuisine? Or does the South win the day by relying on copious amounts of butter? And what about the northeast, home to amazing seafood and locals who will fight you if you criticize their food? Using a mix of objective research and totally subjective opinions, we've assessed each U.S. state's signature foods and diversity of offerings to address exactly which state has the best food." the website continued.

South Carolina came in ranked at #14 on the list, and the website claimed that the "Palmetto State" has arguably the nation's best barbecue. Rather it is whole hog, butts, shoulders, and ribs - it is all amazing and keeps South Carolina residents and tourists all begging for more. However, if you are not a fan of barbecue, the website suggests heading to the coast for some of the best crab soup in the nation.

North Carolina came in ranked at #13 on the list and the website said that North Carolina is basically South Carolina, without the mountains. A big favorite in the state is their "Lexington-style barbecue", which relies on a delicious ketchup-based sauce with a vinegar kick. Other popular foods included in the list for North Carolina include biscuits and gravy, deviled eggs, liver mush, fried chicken, and grits. Just in case you were wondering, Alaska came in at #50 on the list and California was declared the winner at #1.

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