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One of the Best Soul Food Restaurants in Georgetown, SC

Kennardo G. James
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Although Georgetown, SC does not always get a lot of recognition for its culinary scene, there are plenty of great restaurants in the area that serve some exceptional cuisine. However, one restaurant in particular in the area has gained a lot of attention over the years and has established itself as one of the premier soul food restaurants in Georgetown County. Some even think they are the best.

Aunny's Country Kitchen is located in Georgetown, SC, and has been serving some of the freshest, and most flavorful soul food since 2009. The owner of the establishment, Andrea Johnson, in an interview with "Back Road Bites", said that the one thing she loves about Georgetown is the fact that there is a "uniqueness" to it and that there is a lot of diversity in the town. She said that a diverse group of people come to her restaurant as well.

Johnson said that starting at a very young age, she loved to cook and always had dreams of owning and operating her own restaurant. She said that her menu reflects Southern "down-home cooking", and that it is the kind of food that will bring back memories of what your grandmother and great-grandmother used to cook.

Johnson said that authenticity is very important to her and that she makes virtually everything from scratch, she knows that diners are very discerning and can tell if something has been served out of a can.

When the establishment first opened, Johnson said that it was a family-run business and every member of the staff was family. However, over the years she has hired other people from outside of the family to help with the day-to-day operations, and give world-class service as well as food.

Some of the favorites at Aunny's are the meatloaf, fried chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread, rice and gravy, and many other traditional southern favorites. However, she said that the best-selling dish is her "Southern-smothered pork chops". The smothered pork chops are smothered in gravy and onions and are served with yellow rice and a vegetable of choice.

Her mother, "Mama Jane", makes all of the desserts in-house which include ice lemon pound cake, banana pudding, sweet potato pie, apple pie, and bread pudding. Of course, nothing "Mama Jane" makes is out of a can or a box, it is all made from scratch.

Aunny's Country Kitchen is located on 926 Front Street in Georgetown, SC. You can reach them at 1-843-461-4750.

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