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This SC Native Went From "Homeless to Multimillionaire"

Kennardo G. James
This SC went from being homeless to a multimillionaire, and explains how he did it.JT's personal website

This SC native, born and raised in Mullins, SC, has a lot going on for himself nowadays, and has a track record and a list of accolades that many would love to have.

JT, who goes by the name "JT Hustlez" or "JT Automations", is a United Sates Marine Corps combat veteran, master degree holder, public speaker, serial entrepreneur, and an author.

However, several years ago, JT was homeless.

JT was living in his cargo van, running a few start-up businesses that were not very lucrative at the time, and not long after going homeless had a baby on the way.

You may be asking how JT got to that point, well, he explains it in a YouTube video that he recently posted.

JT was working for Berkshire Hathaway, a real-estate company owned by Warren Buffet, and had the urge to own a business.

In order to get to that point, JT said that he lived an extremely frugal lifestyle. He claimed that he meal prepped every weekend and ate the same thing everyday, did not buy any new clothes, and did not go out with friends.

After doing all of that for a few years, JT managed to save $15,000 and quit his good paying corporate America job.

Originally, JT had plans to get his CDL license to become a truck driver. However, after his uncle talked him out of it he decided to get a cargo fan and start a cleaning business.

However, a few weeks before the launch of his business in 2017, the two women that he hired to work for his cleaning business quit on him.

JT was then stuck with a $3,000 cargo truck and no business to earn income. As he said, he was "stuck".

JT did manage to create a few businesses, one of them being an independent courier business that he found massive success with and actually wrote a book about.

However, for a while he was still homeless and not making nearly enough to provide for himself, much less a family.

Fast forward five years later, and JT is in a much better place in life with several successful businesses and a very successful YouTube channel that he says brings him six-figures per year.

JT admits that although he did make a lot of mistakes and could have gone about things much differently, he has no regrets at all. He said it is his mission to help others that are in a similar position he was in, or just want to get to the next level.

You can find JT on YouTube at "JT Automations", and watch the video in its entirety, "How I Went Homeless To Multi Millionaire".

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