Aunt let's nieces and nephew call her 'mommy'; real mother is offended

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Having nieces and nephews can be so much fun and fulfilling. It definitely comes with its challenges too like having patience to deal with difficult behaviors, or enduring frustrating conversations; but at the end of the day, having these bonds with them is worth all of it. But what happens when the bonds are a little too deep?

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One woman describes her relationship with her nieces and nephew and wonders if it's gone too far. The woman's sister in law has 4 kids that are 2, 5, 6 and 12. The woman and her husband take care of the kids a lot. Mainly because the mom isn't in a good position to be a parent:

She struggles with addiction and mental health issues that she tends to refuse treatment for.

The woman and her husband take care of the kids so much that they have bedrooms in her home and will go to school or daycare from their house. Currently, it looks like the kids might be staying with them permanently:

Jen gets weekly supervised visits but she doesn't show up half the time and when she does, there's a good chance that she has to be separated from the kids for their safety.

During a recent visit, the youngest child started to cry out her "mommy". Her actual mother came to console her, but the child was still asking for her "mommy" and everyone figure out she meant the woman, her aunt. The mother was not happy about this:

This set Jen off. She had to be separated from the kids again and really hasn't been doing well physically or mentally since then.

It seems as though the woman has been letting the kids call her mommy even though she is really their aunt. The rest of Jen's family has been accusing the woman of trying to pretend to be the children's mother. She wonders if she is in the wrong.


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