Bed Bath & Beyond closes stores across the country; Tries to raise $1 billion to escape bankruptcy

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Bed Bath and Beyond is having liquidation sales as they close many stores across the country. It seems like they've done all they could to stay afloat and nothing was working, until now. The news that Bed Bath & Beyond is attempting to raise more than $1 billion through a stock offering has caused quite the stir in the business world. According to analysts, this move is a last-ditch effort to save the company, which could still be liquidated if the deal fails.

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Bed Bath & Beyond has so far failed to find buyers and investors, prompting it to propose a stock offering that could infuse more than $1 billion into the company. The cash infusion will be used to pay some of the retailer’s debts after it defaulted on a loan with JPMorgan last month and missed a $25 million interest payment on Feb. 1. In addition to this cash infusion, Bed Bath & Beyond secured a $100 million loan from another lender called, Sixth Street Partners.

It is clear that Bed Bath & Beyond is in dire need of money right now in order to keep its business afloat. The proposed stock offering will give them an influx of cash up front, followed by additional funds over time; however, while this may seem like good news for shareholders, there may be some risks involved with investing in BB&B at this time.

Firstly, because the company is so heavily indebted and has yet to find buyers willing to purchase it outright, investors should consider whether or not they are comfortable taking on such high risk investments right now.

Furthermore, any potential gains from investing in Bed Bath & Beyond could be diminished if the company eventually liquidates due to its ongoing financial difficulties. That being said, if BB&B does manage to successfully pull off its stock offering and use it as a way out of their current debt crisis, then investors who get onboard early could potentially benefit from substantial returns down the line.


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