Woman makes homemade food for everyone except her brother's stepdaughter; brother is furious

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Food allergies can be scary and life threatening. That's why this woman decided not to cook for her brother's stepdaughter. With one wrong cross-contamination, the young girl could be sent to the hospital. That knowledge was enough to keep the woman from making the stepdaughter a plate and buying her take-out instead. However, her brother didn't quite appreciate the measure of safety she was taking.

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The woman explains the extent of the girl's allergies:

Cheryl has a daughter from a previous relationship (Becca, 9F) who has several health conditions, including celiac and a severe dairy allergy that requires her to carry an epi-pen.

The woman had a dinner party with a beautiful 5 course meal and she invited a handful of family and friends. She has experience making keto and vegan meals in the past but she is too afraid to mess something up for Becca. To help accommodate Becca, she figured out a way for her to still eat with them:

Because of Becca's food restrictions, I found a restaurant in town that specializes in gluten-free, dairy-free (as well as other allergen-free) food, and arranged for them to make a full meal for Becca that I could pick up in advance of the party.

Cheryl and her brother were not happy with this. The brother pulled his sister to the side and explained why:

...it was "unbelievable" that I couldn't be bothered to make something for Becca, that they'd been bragging about what a great cook I am to her, and that he knew I'd made keto, vegan, and other complicated kinds of food in the past.

He concluded that the step daughter feels left out, even though that was the opposite of the woman's intentions. But her brother questioned her real intent:

He said that it was obvious that I didn't care about making his stepdaughter feel like a part of the family, and that they were leaving.

The woman felt like she made a good decision at the time, but now she feels like maybe she should have tried harder to make something for Becca rather than shying away because of her allergies. She asks if she is in the wrong.


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