Pregnant woman feels in competition with pregnant stepdaughter; husband helps his daughter more than his wife

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It's no surprise that being pregnant can be both a joyful and difficult experience—it changes our day-to-day lives in innumerable ways! Doing all of the extra work that comes with preparing for a baby can come with its fair share of stress, but it doesn't have to: having help from a partner during pregnancy can make the entire ordeal much more bearable. But what do you do when the person helping you is also helping someone else?

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An 8 month pregnant woman turns to Reddit to discuss her concerns about her husband being able to take care of her as well as his pregnant daughter. They have been married for 4 years and this will be the woman's first child. The husband has a daughter, Jenna, from a previous relationship is in 22. The daughter is also pregnant.

The daughter doesn't have anyone to help her, so natural, her father wants to help where he can:

Jenna's mother lives out of state and the father of the baby is incarcerated.

The problem is, the woman feels like he is helping her a little too much and her, not enough:

...she expects him to attend every appointment with her, which wasn’t an issue till he missed one of mine.

He works and then goes to Jenna's 4-5 times a week to help:

Chris now does her grocery shopping, and is helping her with the baby’s room.

But the wife feels like she need more help since she is further along in her pregnant and she is 37. Being over 35, the doctor has told her to stay off her feet. On top of this, the wife feels lonely. Whenever the husband is home, he does what he can:

He does always make it up to me. When he is home he cleans, cooks, shaves my legs for me, gives me massages. He’s great but never home.

One day she was feelings pains and called her husband while he was at Jenna's. So she was scared and wanted to go to the hospital. It turned out to just be Braxton Hicks, but she was upset and it could've been worse than that. The wife finally told him that he needs to go over his daughter's house less:

3x a week max unless of emergency. She’s only 6 months, she can still function on her own.

This upset the husband and he feels like his wife is being an unreasonable because his daughter is young and scared. He hasn't sleep in the bed with her since. The wife asks if she is wrong for feeling the way she does, but she feels like it isn't fair.


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