Woman's husband tells her parents they have to sleep in separate rooms

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As our kids grow up, it makes sense to have some house rules when their boyfriends or girlfriends come over. But there is a time to loosen the reins a little bit. Or at least that is what a woman and her husband thought when her parents told them they had to sleep in separate rooms. She took to Reddit (that has sense been deleted) to explain what happened.

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Not too long after the couple got married, they went to visit the wife's parents. While the were visiting, the dad told them that they could not sleep in the same room:

When we arrived my dad informed us that we need to sleep in separate rooms because and I quote 'I don’t want any funny business' and I argued.

The woman was annoyed and offended that her marriage wasn't being respected, but they ended up staying there anyway. They cut the trip short from 10 days to 5 days. She says the relationship with her parents since then has been awkward.

Time passes and a year later the parents come to stay with the couple. But the husband had an idea. He wanted to tell her parents that they couldn't sleep in the same room. The wife thought it was a good plan further stating:

...and when they arrived my husband (with prior discussion with me of his plan) informed them they have separate rooms.

The parents were upset and the father was angry, but the husband replied and said:

...he doesn’t want any funny business going on.

The parents left and the wife hasn't talked with them since. However, the wife's sister has reached out and told her they were being 'assholes' for treating their parents that way. The wife doesn't think they did anything wrong:

IMO how much respect you give is how much you get.

Do you think the newly wed couple went too far? Or are the parents overreacting?


What are your thoughts?


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