A woman is upset with boyfriend because he kisses and hugs other women; he says it's a "cultural thing"

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Dating outside of your culture is definitely a tricky endeavor. Not only do you have to get to know someone and their personality, but you have to learn about the practices and values that are different from yours.

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A woman has a boyfriend who is from South America. Since she met him, he has always been the hugging type. But now she is upset because, while in his home country, he continuously hugs and kisses other women in front of her.

The couple took a trip to the boyrfriend's home country together so she could meet his family. When they arrived he was very friendly with everyone, hugging and kissing his aunts, cousin and sisters. When they went out he would also hug and kiss neighbors, friends and more. It began to be a little much for her:

One of his older brothers introduced him to his new girlfriend and he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and when she left he gave her another kiss and a hug. That's when I started to feel uncomfortable.

She thought he was just being this way because they just arrived and he was excited, but days after their arrival he was still hugging and kissing other women. This was strange to her. Even when men in his family would try and greet her with a kiss, she would step back and try to get away. She was not used to this.

She let him know it was bothering her and she wanted him to stop:

I snapped and told him to stop kissing every single woman in front of him, it was creepy and disrespectful to me.

He responded by saying it was a "cultural thing" and explained what would happen if he didn't:

...people could see it as disrespectful and [think] he was giving them the cold shoulder.

However, the woman said she did not care. She ended up spending the rest of the trip at a hotel and didn't meet back up with her boyfriend until they were at the airport ready to fly home. He was quite upset. She thinks she may have overreacted.


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