Hooters is Shutting Down and Rebranding: Millennials Aren't That Into Boobs

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The iconic restaurant chain Hooters has been a mainstay of American culture since the early 1980s. For decades, it has been known for its laid-back atmosphere and servers wearing tight outfits with low necklines. However, times are changing, and it seems that Hooters is being forced to change along with them. Which means it's out the with the breasts and in with something new. In recent years, locations have begun to close down and sales have become stagnant—and now, the company is planning a rebrand that will be less focused on breasts.

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The New Millennial Customer Base

It’s no secret that millennials are driving much of the purchasing power these days, and companies need to pay attention if they want to stay relevant. It appears that Hooters has taken note; according to reports, their rebranding efforts are focused on appealing to this new customer base by shifting away from its “breastaurant” image. Not only is this intended to make the restaurant more family-friendly, but it also seems to be a response to changing millennial tastes in regards to porn habits. Recent research indicates that people between 18 and 24 are searching for less boob content than ever before—meaning that the traditional Hooters aesthetic may no longer be as appealing as it once was.

Chicken Wings Are Still Hot

While porn habits may change over time, one thing remains true: millennials still love chicken wings! As such, Hooters will likely continue to serve up their signature wings even after their rebranding efforts are complete. With a few tweaks here and there Hooters can still remain competitive in the fast-casual dining space without sacrificing its core values or alienating its existing customer base.

All in all, it’s clear that times have changed since Hooters first opened its doors in 1983—but with smart marketing strategies and an eye towards what millennials want out of their dining experience, they can still remain relevant going forward into 2023 and beyond. While some things may change, at the end of the day you can always count on getting a delicious plate of wings at your local Hooters location!

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