Facing Yourself

Kendra Hall


I have run into countless people who are in one stage in their life, yet they are acting like they are in another. There are women who neglect their children yet have time to go out with their friends every chance they get. I have met men who are married with children yet are activity on dating websites portraying themselves as if they were single. These individuals have certain responsibilities, yet they are still living like they do not. Who are you when no one is around? If no one tells your partner, supervisor, parent, children, or religious leader about your life; what are you telling yourself about you? At least tell yourself the truth about you.

Do you feel like you are in touch with who you are? How do you feel right now? Are you accepting of where you are in life right now? Are you satisfied with your progress? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and accept your flaws? Can you see your greatness? We run into so many issues when we cannot see where we are in life. When we hide who we are, we became a fake person. We are putting on a show and not being our authentic selves. We are putting on a face for others and being phony. We are not being accountable to the reality of who we have become. When you deceive someone who trusts you, you are willfully dismantling your relationship. Too often people lead one another on with broken promises of who they are. Manipulation is for the fearful, lazy and short-sighted who wish to appease situations without making the necessary changes to walk fully in the light.

It is time to face who you are right now. If you do not face your perceived flaws and issues, you will find it hard to praise God through them. If you have not faced the reality of your situation, you cannot address it- much less accept the situation as being real. It is time to acknowledge your weaknesses. Uncover yourself to be covered by God’s love. You need to put your issues on the alter. Bring them to God. When we do not acknowledge our true selves, we isolate ourselves from others and will eventually feel lonely no matter where we are. When we deceive ourselves, we disconnect ourselves from the source. We must stay connected to God, not alienated by His presence. Close your eyes and realize God is always with you. Take a deep breath and look at yourself in the mirror. Who do you see? Face yourself.

Thanks to social media, we spend a lot of time comparing our lives to others. We ask ourselves what the other person has that we do not. We ask ourselves how this person can afford this house or that car. We internally battle as to how this person is qualified for this job title or how they have access to that authority. When we compare and contrast the lives of others to our own, we are essentially asking where that person is in their life. We are looking at another’s life with envy, competition, jealousy, and hatred. We have misdirected our sacred energy into a black hole. We will never know everything about another person, but we can learn all about ourselves. It is time to redirect your energies. Where are you at in your life? Look within and release the fear of the person staring back at you in the mirror.

It is easy to talk about things that do not matter. Many of us have anxiety and become frozen when it is time to talk about things of substance. Keep in mind we are only able to build strong relationships when we are vulnerable. We cannot hide the issues of our heart and act like we have not heard the truth of what we need to change. Many times, we will ignore the truth because we do not like how it sounds or makes us feel. You know when you have heard the truth because you feel it strike deep within your spirit. The truth hurts. Let God expose every hidden thing. Let God have all of you. Feel the transforming pain and release the façade around your heart. Who are you? Release the fear of feeling undone. Unlock yourself from the emotional prison you are in. Ask God to reveal your heart in fervent prayer.

In life we will experience joys, pains, challenges, sorrows and most importantly changes. We will see countless sunsets and take millions of deep breaths. We will experience life until our journey comes to an end. Life is short. We must place value on every second, minute and hour. Our time is precious and must not be wasted. It does not matter how wealthy, powerful, gorgeous, or affluent you are; time is fleeting, and it waits for no one. When you understand the value of time, you make different decisions. You approach life, love, work, and even play differently. You understand that every moment counts. When you repeat old mistakes, you waste your precious time. I understand that we will all make mistakes. Do not beat yourself up over mistakes you made in the past. The issue becomes when you keep doing the same things and expecting a different result. You cannot ride the same rollercoaster and think you are going to get a different ride. If something is not working for you, it is counterproductive to give your energy in the same way. Be adaptable to change and make effective use of your time.

Life is a journey not a race. You can run your race at your own pace but trust and enjoy the journey. Understand there are times in life you will feel happy and there are times you will feel sad. You may be angry one day and frustrated the next. Then another day you may be laughing and crying. No matter the ups or downs you are experiencing right now, enjoy your life. You only have one life, and these are your moments. Cherish them. Do not spend time worrying about things you cannot change and looking back to see who was left behind. Direct your attention to ensuring you have what you need to live well right now. Take one step at a time but keep on stepping.

In all things remember, understanding always brings us to the gates of peace. God bless you.

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