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While we do our best to show God a clean heart, our daily bath of prayer may not be enough. Subtle changes will mark those who have done the work to receive a new heart. The word of God must pierce through each part of our mind to correct and transform our thoughts and emotions. God develops us on conscious, subconscious, and superconscious levels.

We have four levels of consciousness called brainwaves. These brainwaves are measured by the impulse charge or frequency. Brainwaves are also measured by speed, which determines the category: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. The faster these brainwaves move, the higher your consciousness will be. Let us discuss these brainwaves:

Beta: Beta cycles throughout your brain eighteen to thirty times per second. When people are awake, they mostly function on the Beta level. While this level is fast, it is usually not the most beneficial as thoughts can collide. You do not get the most of your cognitive functioning being on Beta. I liken Beta to driving a speed car through life. You may get to your destination fast, but you miss valuable signs along the way. It is hard to focus on one thought and important details are missed. Staying in Beta will lead to a breakdown.

Alpha: Alpha cycles throughout your brain eight to twelve times per second. Alpha serves as a bridge from your conscious to your subconscious mind. Alpha and productivity go hand and hand. When you are in Alpha you feel awake, peaceful, aware- but detached; you are in a receptive state. Without Alpha you would not remember your God given visions. Alpha presents us with the distinction between knowing and doing. Alpha allows you to catch the thoughts missed in Beta by ushering you into a meditative state.

Theta: Theta cycles throughout your brain four to seven times per second. Theta waves may be slower than Alpha waves, but they are way more intense. Flash messages felt deeply come from Theta waves. When we have gut feelings of something not being right, these emotional indicators usually emit from Theta.

Delta: Delta cycles throughout your brain less than six cycles per each second. You are at your deepest during Delta. It is at the Delta stage where you want to allow God’s word to pierce your heart.

Experts tell us that we think from three areas of the mind: the subconscious mind, the conscious, and the superconscious. All three must work together in harmony to achieve balance in your life. Your conscious mind is awareness. The conscious mind is simply where our attention is now. With conscious awareness, we can make changes. Our conscious abilities lie in what we are aware of thinking analytically, in logical order, our conscious choices, when we ask why; and, when we come up with solutions based on fact.

In our subconscious dwells our emotions, memories, and beliefs. It is the power of the mind that sends electrical impulses of information to billions of cells in our body. It is our subconscious mind that decodes our imagination, our feelings, our impulses, our sensations, and even our instincts which results in intuition, deep insights, and wisdom. When we change our subjective world, we create a different experience. We in essence transcend into an alternate reality.

Our superconscious mind is the awareness that sees the subjective and objective reality, and even beyond. It is also known as Higher Self or Higher Mind. We receive our intuition, inspiration, and sense of morality and wisdom from our superconscious mind. When we hear negative words and images, they embed themselves into our conscious mind and we act on those negative images and words. We no longer need to see or hear the negativity because we have allowed its weeds to take root. You deserve to hear loving words. You must honor yourself if you want to reach your full potential.

Some moments truly test us. No doubt you may feel like you cannot handle many situations and you may be fearful you will not make it through. We tell ourselves we will not make it and speak death into our goals. We have put down the armor of God and replaced it with cardboard. We work against ourselves and lessen our effectiveness. We let insecurity turn into a self-created plague. Our tongues must be used in praise and positivity, not to throw up ash and speak negativity. We have the power within us to command greatness. We must speak life into ourselves. There will be real issues you have to deal with and real enemies to battle in life. Do not weigh yourself down with imaginary issues. When you try your best at something, that is all you can do. Let the rest go. If you do not win first place in a race, it is okay if you know you tried your very best. Trying your best is what counts. Do not beat yourself up over things you tried your best on. It is silly and futile. You are creating feelings of doubt and regret within yourself for no reason. Stop it! When you focus on regret, you will not only feel terrible, but you will also lose trust in yourself. You will feel despair and it will cause you to doubt your abilities. You do not deserve to suffer at your own hands. Your highest priority should be to get rid of the fear binding your life.

When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, tell yourself how beautiful, gifted, and courageous you are. Tell yourself how loving and wonderful you are. Make the time to wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug. You are amazing. When you tell yourself how much you hate your (fill in the blank), you are hating yourself. We clip our own wings causing fear to manifest itself in different ways.

In all things look for the knowledge to wash your heart with wisdom and meditate on God’s word. Blessings.

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