Presence on your Path: 2020

Kendra Hall

With 2020 ending, make sure you have primed your spirit for success in 2021. Determine how to get God in your life with a single minded passion. We learned in 2020 that we must go through it, to get to it. This means we must be persistent through life’s trials and tribulations. Blessed is the teachable man. I think we all learned to be teachable in 2020, whether we wanted to be or not.

This year has been all about authenticity. We saw many people’s true colors and it was an eye-opening experience. I recently had a discussion with a friend on the topic of bogus commitments. We discussed how some people incite a feeling that you should forever be grateful to them. It was such a helpful discussion, as it put a lot of things into perspective for her. We got deep. Here is an overview and take ways from our chat:

When someone does a favor for you, helping them out in return seems like the decent thing to do. A problem is created when we place that person on a pedestal for helping us. We make them feel like they are ever powerful, and we would be nothing without their assistance. We praise them and tell everyone how good they have been to us. We give the person the glory instead of God. We are suggesting our protection comes from a person and not from the Infinite Spirit. Your protection comes from God.

God sponsored your upgrade; you must remember that it is God who strengthens you to make it through life’s ebbs and flows. He is the worker of miracles, not man. God may use someone to get your foot in the door, but it is your gifts that will keep that door ajar. We cannot answer the ring of indentured servitude calling on us to serve everyone who shows us a bit of kindness. Appreciate the help; but lose the feeling of being in debt. You do not owe anyone anything just as no one owes you anything.

Some people will do something nice for you and ride that good deed out until the wheels fall off. These same people will bring up what they did for you every chance they get. You will be annoyed and tired of hearing what they did for you, until you wish they never helped you in the first place. They will act like they were the sole reason for your success, and you had better not forget it. Make sure you give people what you owe them, so you are not weighed down with resentment, petty debts, and simple imaginary offences. We cannot allow anyone to manipulate us into thinking we owe them for a lifetime as a show of gratitude.

We understand there are some people who have blessed us in ways we will always remember. We love, adore, and appreciate them (as we should), but there are some people who always want more than they are due. They destroy relationships out of their need for residual repayment. People who want more than they are due, ruin partnerships and relationships. They leave you feeling exhausted as you try to please them. You slowly realize no matter how many deeds you do for them, they expect more. The person feels the debt will never be settled. They do not realize the debt has already been settled and is paid in full. Do not allow these makeshift bill collectors to keep taking energy from you. You do not owe them a thing.

It is always easy to let go of these types of people. They act like leeches, trying to suck every ounce of blood out of you. These individuals want you to fly, but they want to control the height. If you fly too high without their permission, they will try to find a way to clip your wings. Keep in mind, there are no chains binding or holding you down. You must make the choice to soar. You cannot please everyone, and you should not try. You are not a doormat, do not let people walk all over you. Free yourself.

Change your perspective and develop an attitude to receive God. Shake yourself off from all hinderances to greatness. You are meant to shine. Greatness can and will cause you to stick out in the crowd. When you tap into greatness your perception of things will change. Greatness equals living above the norm. No one can be great if they must have the approval and understanding of others to be great. Remember, a fool despises instruction.

Keep the word of God in perspective as you move about your day. Be careful not to play on the word to satisfy your ignorance. Re-adjust your perspective. There are different levels of greatness. Do not be afraid of losing. Sometimes you must lay down your own agenda to receive a developed mind and to fully see the vision that God put in our hearts.

In this new season of life, it is important to speak life into ourselves. We must discern the things that hinder us. We must declare a new thing happening in our lives. We declare it and it shall be done. Call on things as though they are already here. We must see ourselves as God sees us, not through the eyes of our circumstances.

It is time to release your past and not hold onto any past grudges. Relocate yourself from past circumstances, you are not there any longer. Consider the things that hinder you as distractions from the empowering presence of God.

Take note that our greatest hinderances are ourselves. It is time to come to a place where you want to be greater and better that what you have been in the past. You want to evolve; you are ready to level up. Know that grace is God’s empowering presence. You’ve got this. #nbholidaycheer

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