Peaceful Pause on New Year’s Eve

Kendra Hall

Most of us are looking to find fun and socially distant ways to spend our New Year’s Eve. Some great news, it does not matter if you must celebrate at home. Think of all you are avoiding having to go out:

· Crowds and Corona (the Rona)

· Awkward conversations

· Spending money for iffy food and drinks when you have good food at home.

· Having to drive home from a long evening out

Pat yourself on the back and smile because you smartly decided to cozy up at home, avoiding the mayhem. Plus, there are times in life when you will want time by yourself anyway, and there is nothing wrong with feeling this way. You need quiet moments to revive you. The calm and peaceful energy that absolute silence can bring is rejuvenating to your spirit.

Sometimes, we feel tired even after we have had a good night’s rest. We are fatigued and burned out, our spirit feels heavy and weighed down. We feel drained and uninspired. While we may still be motivated to go through the motions of life, after a while we miss our passion. This feeling happens to the strongest of us, even when we feel it will not happen to us. Being burned out manifests itself in different ways. Know you can lash out in irrational anger, act out at school or work, feel disconnected and numb, and overall be miserable.

We may think work, people or circumstances are the root of our misery but the only person we need to look at is ourselves. We have been so focused and steadfast on our journey that we did not take a bathroom break. Okay, so maybe you found your way to the bathroom during this time, but you understand the point in this. You must take a pause and rest before you burn out and lose sight of what you have been fighting for all 2020.

Plus, you want to enjoy your journey, not just get through it. Making sure to pause and taking a moment to yourself is not only in your best interest, but in the best interest of everyone in your circle. Come into 2021 rejuvenated and refreshed.

This perilous journey we are on is challenging, so you must know when it is time to rest. Take a break from time to time to restore your energy and be your most productive and overall best self. Make sure you are preserving your peace and taking periodic pauses helps you see your journey with clarity.

When you are burned out you can only see what is in front of you and it is easy to misappropriate your priorities and contribute to your own demise. You stop looking at life with that amazing sparkle in your eye. Do not let this be you, do not lose your sparkle, have a mental breakdown, or start making careless errors because you do not recognize when it is time to take a break.

Furthermore, to bring deeper peace into 2021, you must be able to identify which relationships work for you and which do not. You have real friends and fake friends. Utilize observance and introspection, separating yourself from the fake ones. Keep in the forefront of your mind, toxic relationships drain your energy and leave you feeling hopeless. You so not deserve to feel like that.

To bring awareness to the choices/habits/methods that promote and provide peace:

· Look for a spiritual mentor.

· Place yourself around people who want to see you win.

· Do not deal with drama when you do not have to.

· You must decide to let go of what is familiar to embrace the unfamiliar.

· Just because a person feels good to you, it does not mean they are good for you.

· People who cannot see your growth or your potential, must swiftly be removed from your life.

· Know that confrontation allows you to see who people are clearly.

· We must be vulnerable and open to recognizing the truth of what is happening in our lives.

· Do not put band-aids on matters, face them with courage.

· You must be open, willing, and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Put your pride aside.

· When we become stubborn and immovable, we become stagnant.

· Give your attention to the word of God and focus on the things that matter.

· It is so important to join with people who share your same passion and want the same objective.

· Most people will tell you who they are; if you are willing to listen.

· When you do not listen to people, you may find yourself in energy draining relationships that can last a lifetime. Level up yourself and your circle all 2021.

· God will send the right people to you; it is your job to evaluate the relationship and know who they are.

Uses these tips and tools for to have a peaceful and purposeful pause, this New Year’s Eve and beyond. #nbholidaycheer

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