New Year’s Eve Vibes

Kendra Hall

As 2020 ends, nothing is what it used to be. We used to invite friends over and now, we must celebrate in solitude. Although our celebration style has changed, we can still enjoy our own company. Here are some introspective ways to celebrate 2020 ending:

· Craft handwritten questions to yourself and after you have read the question out loud, immediately write down the first answer that comes to mind. This exercise helps bring light to the people, places, situations, and/or things that have attached to your energy.

Let us be clear, 2020 has been stressful for us all. However, if you do not work to actively identify the stressors in your life, you will find yourself enduring bad times when you should be happy and smiling. Things will be going great outwardly but inwardly you will feel awful. After all the hard work you have done to achieve success, there is a high probability that you will feel empty instead of accomplished. It is not reasonable to think you will always feel amazing and motivated, there will be up’s and downs, such is life. You will not always feel happy and there will be moments that will cause great stress and pain. However, continuous stress without rest, is not the way to a great journey. Be mindful and measure your level of stress.

Right now, take a pause and relish in all you have already achieved. To figure out your current stress level, write a simple yes or no for the first part, and ensure you respond thoughtfully to all of the follow up questions:

1. Do you feel annoyed, grumpy, and/or have low energy when you are away from school or work? What do you think is causing you to feel this particular way?

2. Does your life feel monotonous and overall lack variety? What are you looking forward to in the next week (in the new year)?

3. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel exhausted, drained and/or fatigued? Do you feel like it is difficult to get yourself out of the bed?

4. Do you feel like you are slowly losing your sense of humor, passion, desire, and/or optimism?

5. When you accomplish one goal, do you take the time to reflect on your achievement or do you just jump to the next goal on your lengthy list?

6. Do you find yourself bursting out crying unexpectedly, “ugly” crying out of the blue, and/or feeling an overwhelming sense of inner hopeless?

7. Are you defining yourself based on your amazing accomplishments rather than who you are as a person (the inner you)?

8. Do you find yourself making simple yet careless mistakes and overall lowering your standards to things you were once particular about?

9. Are you clenching your jaws, clasping your hands in distress, being unusually fidgety, and overall feeling overwhelmed by problems that seem too hard for you to make sense of by yourself?

10. Is the person you portray in public conflicting with the person you are in private?

Now it is time to calculate how many “yes” responses you have. Check to see if they equal more than six, and if you have more than six, more than likely you are burned out. You may feel empty and uninspired. You may feel overloaded with responsibility and desperately need to attain a semblance of balance. Obtaining a reasonable feeling of balance is the key.

When we do not find balance, we will surely find vices to fill the voids. Even our health can be adversely affected when we lack balance. We run the risk of drowning ourselves in our own despair when we lack proper rest.

Get focused on you and relax. Have a seat and take a pause. You will not miss anything that was meant for you. Your destination is and will always be towards uncovering all your inner greatness.

To relax your soul, you can do simple, socially-distinct activates like going to the park. You can take a walk barefoot in the grass, eat on one of the benches or just sit and watch nature in peace and quiet.

Wake up early, make yourself a hot cup of tea and read an interesting book. Find simple ways to relax and escape the demands of life. I know in today’s age of technology everyone expects you to be practically glued to your phone, but you can opt out. You do not always have to make yourself available to people, it is quite alright to take time to yourself.

Allow yourself rest and operate as your best self. When you slow down and take a break it does not reflect negatively on you. You are still walking in your greatness. Know that each level of life will demand a different you. This sentiment rings true for each chapter of your life.

As you move into a 2021, make sure you fulfill your need to rest in between. While you may not be ready to retire, you still have worked hard to make it to your new season. Have a seat and take a much needed mental break; you deserve it. Your life is important.

Do not get me wrong, focusing on our goals can become an all engulfing personal mission. We work so hard to make sure we are at our best. We become so good at the work we are doing; it begins to consume all our precious time. We work when we know should be resting. Being an overachiever is great if it does not lead to burn out. You can become so addicted to working and the accolades it brings, you lose sight of why you started in the first place.

God does not want your health to suffer. Make sure your work is God inspired and rest when you need to. It is much harder to reach your goals when you are constantly running off fumes. Slowly wean yourself off your fast track lifestyle and refocus your efforts on your well-being. You are meant to have a peaceful 2021. Positive vibes only. #nbholidaycheer

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