Golden Lessons of 2020

Kendra Hall

2020 has taught us the need to bounce back from life’s ebbs and flows. Life is not always easy and that is ok. Everyday God tests us. There are ways to stay in alignment through life’s trials. Take heed to these 8 principals:

1) Relationships: If you neglect your relationship yourself, and do not practice self-love, then you will only focus on then building outside of yourself. This means your career, your business, then your partner, children, parents, friends will eventually become a burden rather than a support. You will be drained. You must practice self-love first. You cannot love anyone until you love yourself. Once you practice inner love, you can share your outwardly. We all need relationships, so do not take them for granted. We must nurture ourselves first and then our relationships. Make sure you are making honoring yourself first in all the decisions you make.

Clear your mind and heart of any distractions. God wants you to speak to him in clarity (Philippians 4:6-7). Start a prayer journal, fast, and strive to walk in God’s word each day.

Affirmation: I am innately connected to all that is love.

2) Business: Understand business as much as possible. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, know that understanding business will help you succeed in life. Get educated now!

Affirmation: I am the one that sets my life pace.

3) Finances: Learn to invest and understand taxes as much as humanly possible, get focused. If your finances are in trouble, then everything else in your life will be impacted. Rely on yourself to do the research, while giving others a chance to help. Do not expect others to bail you out of any financial situation. The oneness is on you alone. You cannot afford to leave your finances in someone else’s hands.

Affirmation: Unexpected methods come to me without pause.

4) How to handle and recognize grief: People will pass, relationships will end, jobs will be lost, businesses will fail. Understand how to handle grief for yourself as well as for others.

Life is not a fairytale. It is hard to stay focused with so much filling out hearts and minds. In these times, focus on your breath. We are in the present moment, live and live in it.

Affirmation: I am the green grass.

5) Spirituality: Have some way to connect to a greater force than yourself. If there are times when you are lost, spirituality will be the thing that brings you home.

Affirmation: I am the energy that is aligned with grace, mercy, and abundance.

6) Ask for help: You have already got the wisdom to do this. If you struggle in a particular area, do not be afraid to invest or ask someone for help. You do not have to do it all alone. There will be times when you do not know who to speak to or what to ask. In these times, an expert will help you get through it.

Affirmation: Endless doors are open, multitudes of channels fly free as boundless avalanches of abundance and love are poured within me, under perfect grace and in perfect ways.

7) Love first: Always be guided by love. Have dreams, have passions, have goals, and always turn to love because nothing matters if you are alone in life. Give love to genuine hearts first, and you will receive it back grandly in return.

Affirmation: I am everything I have always dreamed of.

8) Lastly, know that your health comes first: Without your health nothing else matters. Health truly is wealth.

Here are some fit tips to help you on your journey:

· Your abdominal muscles provide approximately 50% of the support for your back. Exercise a few times a day morning, noon, and at night. Planks are an effective full body exercise to practice during these times.

· Do your best to tighten your abs throughout your day. Keeping your abs tight during the day, makes a big difference in taking the stress off your back.

· Do not sit all day without moving. Take a few short breaks at work and at night. Lay on the floor for a bit at night, instead of the couch.

· Your body was meant to move. As you move, you will discover improvements in how you think, learn, and retain memory. Movement is the engine of health, wellness, and an overall better quality of life. Get up and move!

· What we choose to eat, has a direct influence on our health. Each molecule of food we eat sends all kinds of signals to our bodies. Be deliberate and make daily food choices that will keep you fit, healthy, and as vibrant as possible.

· When you work out more, you can eat more and use nutrients more effectively and effectively. Good nutrition and consistent activity are like a key in a lock. Make conscious daily choices that lead to fat loss, muscle gain and better overall performance.

· Consistent activity is the engine of wellness, health, and vitality. Know that intense workouts prevent muscle loss through oxygen and energy fluxes. Make the most out of your daily activity, get your heart pumping now by doing a quick jog in place!

· Periods of inactive tend to cause muscle stiffness. Take a hot shower or bath to warm up muscles. While muscles are still warm, stretch to a level of mild to moderate discomfort. Remember to never stretch a cold muscle. Proper stretching aims at reducing the waste products in your body.

· Quality-check your diet. Assess what you are eating, how you are eating and with whom you are eating with. Make sure you are putting quality foods into your body.

· If you eat whenever you are hungry and do not stop until you are physically satisfied, your health will suffer. Many people feel like their diet is out of their control. They do not seem to have a clear stop or start signal. While hunger is a normal and healthy part of life, fullness and satiation lets us know when we have had enough. We must use appetite awareness to recognize our body’s true need. To aide in managing your hunger, drink a tall glass of water before each meal.

Stay focused all 2021. #nbholidaycheer

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