Lessons from The Mandalorian

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Like you, I am enthralled by Star Wars newest television show, The Mandalorian. After watching the show, I realize there are many lessons to be taken from the Mando, Grogu and friends. Mando utilized planning, collaboration, patience, and persistence to attain his goal of reuniting Grogu with the Jedi. While Mando and Grogu suffered many losses, they stayed consistent, focused on the goal at hand and eventually uncovered their inner greatness.

When you find an opportunity that aligns with your life plan, just as Mando did, you need to have confidence that your plan will succeed. Mando loved Grogu and was inspired to make a huge life changes to prove his love. Here are some ways we can reach our goals using God as our source of inspiration:

You need to consistently balance your action and energy around your goals. God wants you to thrive, not just survive. Make sure you reach for the stars when creating your life plan. You may be presented with many good opportunities in life and you will have to be selective about what you choose to do. Write out the pros and cons of each opportunity to your decision making. Consider the time and energy that is required for each opportunity and consider your desired outcome. Some opportunities will work for you now and others may work in the future. Focus on what will work for you now. Make sure the desired outcome outweighs the risk. Ensure the opportunity is aligned with your life plan.

Having faith is the key to your success. What you think, you become. Believe you can, and you will. This does not mean go to a sea and ask God to turn water into wine, this means have faith that when you pray for a goal, God will give you direction. God is waiting to lead you; all you must do is ask. If you do not have a plan, you have nothing to look forward to. There is a saying that if you do not know where you will be at in five years, you are already there. Not having a plan means you are just surviving and not living in your greatness.

You must find an objective to strive for. If you are looking for a direction, go to God in prayer. Keep in mind God is not going to show up in a puff of smoke. He usually sends us messages through His people. He wants us to flourish and that requires us to plan. It takes courage, motivation and focus to activate your plan. Courage is needed to be decisive. You cannot spend countless years trying to figure out what path to take, you must decide. To make informed decisions, make sure you have the right information. You can make a more informed decision when you have all the data.

Be surrounded by people who are experts in their field and do not waste your time with people who will waste your time with bad information. You need wise and competent people giving you counsel. Keep in mind that just because a person has education, does not make them an expert in a field. You can have all the information, but the ultimate decision is yours. It is important to make your own decision because you are the one who must live with the consequences.

To make an informed decision requires you to research every possible outcome. Gather information from several sources but do not immediately act on them. Separate good information from bad information as you move along this process. Do not go with the first information rather evaluate all the information to make an informed decision.

As you uncover new sources of information you will come across many smart people. You will also run across smart, aggressive, and persuasive people. Do not be swayed by someone else aggressive behavior, this is your decision so take your time. You must determine your next move. Ask questions, gather other opinions, and make sure you study all information found. When you have all the facts, then you can make a confident decision.

When looking for solid counsel, it is important to find the expert or “best knower.” This expert may not currently be in your social circle, but it is important to seek people out when they have information that will help you. Social media makes connecting to experts much easier. Connect with people who respectfully challenge your views and strengthen your critical thinking skills. Surround yourself with those that stretch you and facilitate healthy growth. Immerse yourself in knowledge and step out of your comfort zone, doing so will help you to flourish spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

To step into your greatness, remember:

1. Have a plan

2. Make decisions

3. Gather data

4. Be courageous enough to step outside your comfort zone.

The most important step is number four. You cannot live in indecision and fear; it is time to make a move. Set a goal and charter a path for yourself. You are not building your life from wavering luck. You are building a strong foundation based off solid information and God’s loving guidance. It is time to act and claim your blessings. Your blessings are God’s investments in you. God sees what we do and that is important to Him. God does not bless your feelings and thought process, he is looking at your works—your actions. Prayer alone is not enough to sustain you on your journey.

While prayer may release the favor of God, it is our actions which releases man’s power. It is not enough to pray for a better relationship with your loved one. You must work to restore the relationship. It is not acceptable to simply pray for good grades. It is you that must gather data, study, and do the work. Relying on prayer alone is not what God wants. Faith without works is dead. You must act, and prayer will enhance your efforts, but it is not meant to take its place.

Ultimately, every episode of the Mandalorian proved how essential it is to pivot oneself; mentally, spiritually, and physically. Mando dedicated his life to Grogu through action, and universe stepped up to assist. After watching every amazing episode of the Mandalorian, I know that vulnerability and leadership go hand and hand. #nbholidaycheer

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