Opinion: Our Pretty/Ugly Side is Showing

Ken Kayse

It takes quite a long time to show people the ugly within each of us.

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Yes, yes, you’re pretty… at least, you’re pretty on the outside! Everyone can see that! But, what do you look like on the inside? Are you as pretty as what we see when we gaze at you?

Sure you have such a beautiful smile. But, I want to know about your frown. What are you truly like when you are unhappy, or mad, or simply frustrated.

But, I want to know the real you. I want to know what makes you tick. What I can see about you is an incomplete picture. Rather, it’s more like a puzzle that has some pieces missing.

Each of us has a particular intrigue and mysticism surrounding us that we may or may not reveal to others. We shell out morsels of ourselves, hoping to attract friends or loved ones. Those morsels are, by design, intended to reveal most of our positive qualities, to paint us in shiny glitter.

As for our ugly side, we try to disguise it in all sorts of manner. We are hesitant to show our angry, mean, hateful, or vindictive side. Nobody wishes to see that… and so we lie! We tell others “Oh, I’m usually not like that” or “This was the first time I’ve ever acted like that.” Little white lies are only visible to those who look for them.

You see, all of us are like that. We have flaws we want to hide from others. What better way than to tell a small, tiny, itsy bitsy lie? We can cover up our weaknesses so no one will see them.

The problem with this technique is in the accomplishment. We get so good at covering up the ugly that we tend to start believing it ourselves.

We may be able to fool our family, friends, and business associates for a little while. But, ultimately, they will find them. There will come a day and a time in everyone’s life where we are too weak and inattentive to disguise them any longer, and they will pour forth in all their ugliness for everybody to see.

Pandora’s box has been opened and its contents have been revealed, leaving us exposed to the world. They can now see all the scars and pockmarks we have accumulated from our daily interactions with society. What a mess!

Photo by Steve Jewett on Unsplash

Clean-up, aisle three

When that happens to any of us, every single one of us will then own the ugliness. Some of us will try to disavow ownership, trying to blame it on someone or something else.

Others will try to muscle through the expected criticism, promising they won’t ever show it again… which is absolutely preposterous!

Human nature dictates this ugliness will reoccur if there aren’t changes made within ourselves to prevent it. How we deal with these events decides the kind of progress we want to make in our personal development.

The highest form of ugliness happened to America on January 6th, 2021. It uncovered a deep national chasm that has existed since the founding of our country.

There are stark differences within our communities about how to move our nation forward. One side calls the other side names or uses labels to describe their beliefs and motivations.

Our political system needs to take a long, hard look within itself for the capacity to forgive, start anew, and work cohesively.

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