Opinion: Nothing Lasts Forever

Ken Kayse

The Senselessness of War Forever Disappears When We Die

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Autumn will soon bring its rustic aroma to the air we breathe when we open the door each morning. It will rush past us, freshening our homes with its scent, reminding us nothing stays the same — nothing lasts forever.

Each tree leaf will relinquish its spent shell to the will of the winds, a mere wisp of its former self. It is a certainty the tree leaf will never see forever.

A time of reflection

The same is true of all of us, really. No one gets to live forever. The memories we made will survive, but only until the last of us have died, so even these most loved, most precious remembrances will not endure forever.

History will dissolve before our very eyes when the last of us dies. What was will never be again. What is will never come again. Every war ever fought, every disagreement between partners, friends, neighbors, and spouses will evaporate into non-existence. Forever itself dilutes into nothingness. Everyone and everything is dispensable.

Why it took me so long to discover this, I’ll never know. The realization that forever doesn’t exist allows me to acknowledge the truth — at least as it relates to the value of human beings. We don’t matter to anyone but ourselves, us and us alone — no one else matters.

When others come to this realization, they see boundless opportunity. Many among us are unethical users, cagey enough to use those around them, and manipulate us to do their bidding.

Such is the way wars are born!

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

First, convince the populace that someone “over there” is trying to dismantle our freedom and the very fabric of how we live. Then, enlist our sons and daughters in our cause, compelling them to go over there and straighten out these transgressors.

Meantime, these conscienceless, cruel manipulators lean back in the safety of their armchairs, smug in the knowledge they won’t have to get involved with the resolution of the grievance, nor the consequences of the turmoil they themselves created. They are free to live a normal life. There is no justice, nor any accountability for them.

Amazingly, they have played the system to perfection while unabashedly reaping tons of financial gain from the ill-fated, invasive disturbance.

Soldiers don’t last forever!

Now that we have had our fill of yet another unwinnable conflict, when will it start again? Where will the next hotspot appear?

When and why will we once again be forced to send our sons and daughters into a pre-determined, futile waste of human and physical resources?

When will we learn from these missteps and make all of this stop?

Why can’t we exhaust words instead of men and women?

Nothing lasts forever!

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