A Wide Variety of Websites are Willing to Pay You to Write for Them

Ken Kayse

Workers and Followers are Needed Everywhere These Days

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NewsBreak requires 100 followers and at least 10 published articles before they will let me participate in their earnings program. Needless to say, when I sign on each morning and start my workday, the first order of business is to check my Monetization stats, to see what happened overnight.

This will be the twelfth article I've published so far. Yippee, I'm halfway there! A quick check of my follower base shows I grew my base by 9 followers since yesterday morning. Sadly, that only brings my total followers to 53 out of the required 100, too few to get paid just yet.

While sitting at home, at my shiny new desk in my office, I reflect on all these new-to-me requirements, not only here on NewsBreak, but at a variety of other venues as well.

How many Facebook followers do I have?

How many Twitter followers do I have?

How many LinkedIn followers do I have?

How many follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and so forth?

I completely understand the rationale for these requirements. All of these venues want me as a long-term participant, and they want me to bring along all my followers who aren't yet members of their community, which helps them grow their customer base. That's a brilliant business strategy. Kudos to the guy or gal that came up with this idea--check's in the mail.


There it is! Sooner or later, someone is bound to ask the "but" question:

"But, why are the writers, the ones who are contributing heavily to your success, why are we paid a pittance of the new revenue, especially the ad revenue we bring in?"

New followers will become new members once they get addicted to the wide array of articles, information, and opinions included in the membership package. Maybe they will be attracted by the light and airy humor stories, or the History stories. Whatever their fancy, the owners of the site know one thing is certain: New customers will spread the word to their followers, of whom a significant number will decide to join.

There's nothing wrong with this strategy. In fact, we have seen how successful it can be with the introduction of Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, and Twitter. The only drawback to this marketing success story is the small writers (like me) who struggle to reach the vastly larger market.

Then I realized something else is at work here. Growing a user base is much like investing in the stock market--Time IN the market beats timING the market. The longer I stay involved, plus the more articles I produce will yield a larger following.

I have only been writing again for the past four months, so time will tell how long it will take to reach 100 followers. I'm not going to worry about something I can't control. I'm going to keep my head down and keep churning out (hopefully) meaningful articles about my experiences and life in general.

As a retired, former salesman, I can attest to the fact the "Law of large numbers" will have a positive long-range effect on my efforts. I can't wait to see where this leads me a year from now.

Thanks for reading!

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