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My Top Five Gift-Shopping Destinations This Year


Good luck finding a parking spot this Holiday shopping season

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The shopping scene in Louisville is teeming with a gaggle of shoppers this year. Metro Louisville's roads are backed up in all directions near most Mall outlets. It seems nothing, not even the obnoxious rain, will stop people from finally getting out of the house to search for bargains.

When it gets harder and harder to find a parking spot, people will often resort to shopping at locally-owned businesses. What better time than now to remind us of specialty shops where bargains are found every day?

Navigating in crowds has always been challenging for me. To make my shopping adventures as pleasurable as possible, I try to shy away from the big Malls and look for Mom and Pop stores to find some unique gifts for my loved ones. I have come to depend on these businesses to complete my shopping list. Here then, are five retailers who have a satisfying variety of selections I have bought from in the past:

  1. I find gifts for the men in our family simple when I shop at Clayton and Crume. They have a wonderful array of unique ideas for those hard-to-shop-for guys who always say "I dunno" when they're asked what they want for Christmas. They are located at 216 S. Shelby St. and they can be reached at (502) 694-2615 for store hours.
  2. For my pottery-loving friends, I often visit Hadley Pottery for a special gift or two. The pottery is still being made in the same and only building for 78 years. They sell dinnerware, gifts, pet dishes, and personalized pottery that will definitely help fill your loved ones' stockings. They are located at 1570 Story Avenue, and they can be reached at (502) 584-2171 for store hours.
  3. You can't go wrong when you visit Lovely Earthlings for gift ideas for your teens and pre-teens (or something for you). Their gift selection is imaginative and great fun. They're located at 1122 S. Shelby St. and you can visit their website for store hours.
  4. When I shop at White's Mercantile, I am never disappointed. They have such a wide selection of every day and one-of-a-kind gifts that I find it impossible to choose just one gift. They're conveniently located at 806 East Market St. and you can call for store hours, (502) 690-9531.
  5. I end my shopping venture at Scout, a modern eclectic mix of home accessories, art, gifts, jewelry, and more. They are located in the East Downtown District NuLu, 720 E. Market Street. Call for store hours at (502) 584-8989.

There you have it! You're sure to find something for everyone on your list at these fine retailers. Your shopping trip should be planned so that you stay out of all the traffic jams and bad parking spots. Good luck, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas.

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