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You can make sentences with one letter! Pretty persnickety, if you ask me.

Forget Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickles…We can do much better than that!

Out of the eight to ten articles I select to read each day, one, in particular, struck my fancy. It was written on March 20th by Mary Devries. The title is “The Secret Ingredient for Curation Success New Writers Need to Know”. The article explains your best chances of getting curated.

What attracted me to this article? It was informative and “punny!” She used the letter “P” to make her case. She altered her writing style to fit the message she wanted to deliver, and she did it effectively.

The article was selected for curation, then wound up in a publication. So, I left Mary a note. I told her thanks for posting it and noted that I get many great writing ideas from reading other writers’ works.

Then, I started wandering off somewhere, and came back with this menagerie of quaint “Ps” all by myself:

Prior proper planning prevents poor performance! Practice your prose persistently while polishing away pockmarks, and preclude any dangling participles before publishing. Pursuing publication after making your prose perfect is the proper way to proceed. Be purposely persistent, yet patient!

Pretty punny, huh? Don’t push! I’m pondering my propensity to portion any profits (primarily thanks to Mary), but I may have to pore over it more.

Please prepare for publicizing “Ps” portioning restrictions from publications post haste. Punch it if you must, preferably pulling the punch prior to putting it in your readers’ faces.

Politely, I am publicly pleased to portend the end to your pain is here.

Thanks for reading!

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