The Birth of a Grandchild Renews the Spirit of Life


I Love Playing With My Grandkids
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When a child is born into our family, there’s joy and jubilation everywhere. The child receives scores of visitors at the hospital, and then again when Mom and Dad bring the baby home. More visitors swarm the house to welcome the new baby into our family.

Babies bring us tremendous joy because they represent a chance for renewal, change, and hope for our future, or at least that’s what I believe.

We coddle and coo them, exploring their little personalities to find out what they like or dislike. In turn, they surprise us with their reactions. They respond with funny faces and even funnier sounds… And we love every minute of it.

Today is a beautiful, sun-filled day in the Ohio Valley. Walk outside and you’ll feel a crisp, 47° wind cooling your face. Later in the day, the temperature will rise to a comfortable 70°.

The last bit of fall is starting to reveal an array of red, yellow, and orange in the trees, all waiting for Mother Nature to send a frigid blast of winter to help them shed the burden of dead leaves hanging from their limbs.

The annual shedding of leaves from trees enables the renewal process to begin again. It will take another six months for new leaves to bud, and appear in the spring.

I have always thought of autumn as the time of year where God shows us that death is not a permanent state in which we must reside. That’s the miracle of fall to me. When I am asked to show a similar comparison to life renewing itself, I always highlight a woman’s ability to become pregnant, then give birth to a child.

Although our close loved ones — family, and friends — may pass from this existence into the next realm, babies renew the life that was lost on the path of time.

It does us good to laugh and enjoy ourselves these days. I hope you like the little 30-seconds of time I am stealing from you, and I hope you’re the one who stole a good memory from me.

Spread happiness wherever you go. I guarantee by doing this, we will lessen some of the world’s burdens. Don’t forget to celebrate today, because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

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