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Finally, The holiday season is here! That also means one more thing, 2020 is finally coming into an end, who’s thrilled? I’m thrilled! The Vaccine for Covid-19 is looking very promising, I started to write this blog. I have a good feeling about 2021 and hope you do too.

Anyway, at the end of this year I am really tired of just sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing, so recently I’ve been discovering around the city, trying to get some fresh air, you know, get some distance from the city and have some fun. Today I want to share it with you the three best places I’ve discovered this year.

1. The Alpaca Hacienda, 31755 Rancho Vista Rd, Temecula, CA 92592

The first one is my favorite, The Alpaca Hacienda. They are offering private tours for you and your family, so during the whole tour you won’t be sharing the space with any strangers at all. It is not that far away, you can drive there in about an hour and make it one day trip. When I arrived the Hacienda, there was a friendly lady welcomed us in and gave us a presentation of the history in the farm. Also we learned some basic knowledge regrading to the alpacas. Here’s my advice: wear dark color clothes, because pacas might spit. Not that I got spit on, but there’s a chance that you might. Don’t get scared, you’ll see it coming before the spit happens, so you’ll have a good chance to get away from it. One thing I can promise you, the time you spend with alpacas, it’s something you’ll never regret.

The most activity you’ll be doing is feeding the alpacas yourself.The baby ones were extremely adorable by the way. They also provide a water pipe for you to spray the alpacas, they all loved it for what I can tell, but I visited in summer time so I’m not sure if people can still do that right now.

One thing that surprised me the most was their gift shop. The lady who works there also makes art crafts out of alpaca’s hair. Lots of original art piece there, if you see anything you like, don’t hesitate to get it.

For the price part: $100 for one to five guests and any additional guests would be $15 extra. Here’s their website:

Go check it out!

2. Sunrise Balloon Flight, 35820 Rancho California Road, Temecula

The second one is the most romantic ride I’ve ever been to. Watching the sunrise with your loved ones, drinking mimosa on the hot balloon, breathing the freshest air, really takes all of your stress away.

I believe in Temecula there’s more than one company offers the Sunrise Balloon Flight. The one I went to is called uncorked tours. They are offering the tour daily, you can find tickets on their website or on Groupon. And yes they are offering private tours as well for higher price.

Here’s the what’s gonna happen after you got the tickets. First, call them to reserve your spot, because it is very limited. I remember they got two hot balloons and each one can carry around 8 guests at a time. One thing I’d like to mention, you might wanna check the weather before book the tour because they’ll fly only in good weather condition. I know weather forecast doesn’t always work but it’s better than nothing, try to avoid the rainy days and you’ll be in the air soon. Once you booked your tour, on that day, they will call you in around 5:30 in the morning, it will be very cold so wear some warm, and pretty, you gonna walk home with tons of awesome pictures. Two best part on that hot balloon for me: first was the heater, second was the mimosa, cheers fellows.

Price: you might get different discounts on Groupon, on website it shows $272 for 2 and $169 for 1person. Website address:

3. Underwood Family Farms

Location 1 (Moorpark) : 3370 Sunset Valley Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021

Location 2 (Somis) :5696 Los Angeles Ave, Somis, CA 93066

This is hands down my favorite farm of all time! In summertime, I pay my visit regularly for some fresh organic strawberries. And I noticed they literally carry all the fruit and vegetables you want to pick. Other than the fun of pick your own, the view was quite a scene as well.

Something worth mentioning here: they host fall harvest festival for holiday season every year. They would turn 50 acres of their farm into a pumpkin playground, you’d have lots of cute setups to take pictures with. This year it’s postponed due to COVID-19, but if you are interested, don’t miss it next year. Also, they carry some cute little animals like horses, goats and rabbits. You can’t feed them or play with them but it’s just nice to watch them chasing each other. If you don’t feel like to walk very far, wagon rides will be available for you.

Official Website is here:

Their website has all the Info you are looking for, Moorpark location is the bigger one and has more fruits and vegetables, they usually charge $5 for entry fee. However, the Somis is free on entry fee. They open daily 9am - 5pm now.

That’s it!

My list of three amazing places near LA for you and your loved ones. Hope you all can enjoy the holidays and stay safe!


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